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Announcing the 2024 CAPS Awards: Celebrating Excellence in Digital Publishing

Posted 3 weeks ago by Jordan Sanders
We are thrilled to announce the 2024 edition of the Commerce Awards for Publishers (CAPS) taking place on September 18 at The Bowery Hotel! Building on the success of previous years, the CAPS Awards continue to recognize outstanding achievements in the digital publishing industry. This year, we have exciting new additions and categories to celebrate the innovative and impactful work of our community.

Meet the 2024 Jury Panel

We are honoured to introduce our esteemed panel of judges for the 2024 CAPS Awards. Each member brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, ensuring a thorough and fair evaluation of all entries.

  • Mike McNerney – Founder & Publisher, Martech Record (New for 2024)
    With over two decades of experience in digital marketing and publishing, Mike is a leading voice in martech innovations.
  • Amanda McGrath – Senior Publisher Manager, Rakuten
    Amanda’s extensive background in managing publisher relationships and driving strategic growth makes her an invaluable returning member of our panel.
  • Jodi Ford – Senior Account Director, CJ
    Jodi’s deep insights into account management and partnership success will greatly benefit our evaluation process.
  • Kayleigh Barber – Media Editor, Digiday
    As a seasoned journalist, Kayleigh brings her expertise in media trends and digital publishing to our esteemed panel.

2024 Award Categories

This year, we are excited to introduce new categories alongside our traditional ones, reflecting the evolving landscape of digital publishing. Here’s a glimpse into the 17 categories for the 2024 CAPS Awards.

New Categories for 2024:

  • Best Olympics Article
    • For the most engaging and insightful article covering the Olympics.
  • Best Fashion Article
    • Recognizing top-notch fashion journalism that captivates and informs readers.
  • Best Ticketing and Live Event Article
    • Awarded for excellence in covering ticketing and live events, providing readers with valuable insights and information.
  • Active Earning Excellence Award
    • Awarded to the publisher who has achieved revenue growth by utilizing Active Earning on Skimlinks.

Returning Categories:

  • Best Global Strategy
    • Recognizing excellence in international publishing strategies that drive significant global engagement.
  • Best Newcomer
    • Celebrating emerging publishers who have shown exceptional growth and innovation within their first year.
  • Fastest Growing Publisher
    • Awarded to the publisher with the most impressive growth metrics over the past year.
  • Industry Champion Award
    • Honoring an individual or organization that has made outstanding contributions to the publishing industry.
  • Best Beauty Article
    • Celebrating the best in beauty writing, offering readers expert advice and trends.
  • Best Black Friday Article
    • For the most comprehensive and engaging Black Friday coverage.
  • Best Evergreen Article
    • Recognizing content with long-lasting relevance and value.
  • Best Holiday Campaign
    • Awarded for the most successful and creative holiday campaign.
  • Best Bedding/Mattress Article
    • Celebrating excellence in writing about bedding and mattresses, providing readers with useful insights and reviews.
  • Best Travel Article
    • For the best travel journalism that inspires and informs readers.
  • Best Kids and Parenting Article
    • Recognizing outstanding content in the kids and parenting category.
  • Best Timely Article
    • Awarded for articles that effectively address current events or trends.
  • Best Health and Wellness Article
    • Celebrating excellence in health and wellness writing, offering valuable advice and insights to readers.

Why Participate in the CAPS Awards?

The CAPS Awards provide a unique opportunity for publishers to showcase their best work, gain industry recognition, and celebrate their achievements. Past winners have highlighted the positive impact of the awards on their careers and organizations, providing a boost in visibility and credibility.

Join Us in Celebrating Excellence

We look forward to celebrating the outstanding achievements of digital publishers at the 2024 CAPS Awards. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements, and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for the latest news.

Thank you for being a part of the vibrant and dynamic digital publishing community. Let’s make the 2024 CAPS Awards the best yet!


Ready to RSVP? Contact your Account Manager now.

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