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The 16 Top Performing Fitness Affiliate Programs in 2024

Posted 3 weeks ago by Tyra Brown

Looking good, feeling healthy and keeping fit is an everlasting trend adopted by millions of people worldwide. On National Fitness Day 2021, a record-breaking 22 million people were active, an increase of 3 million people from 2020. 

Fitness is also a great evergreen commerce content topic. The global fitness industry is estimated to be worth $244 billion, with a consistent annual growth rate of 5.6%. The virtual fitness market, valued at $20.3 billion in 2023, is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 26.72%, reaching $106.4 billion by 2030.

Traffic in the Skimlinks network has also increased, with clicks up by 40% year-on-year in January 2024 alone. Tapping into this industry is an excellent way for publishers to find new revenue opportunities while also helping people take care of their health.

So, to make sure we start 2024 with a runner’s high, we have created this list of 16 top-performing fitness affiliate programs publishers can start writing about today. 



banner for lululemon affiliate program on skimlinks

Lululemon, launched in Vancouver, Canada in 1998, is an online athletic apparel company that creates garments for yoga, running and other cardio pursuits, although best known for their signature yoga pants. Made with innovative design concepts and top-class fabrics, Lululemon ranks 4th amongst the world’s most popular brands. With sustainability in mind, Lululemon also publishes a yearly impact report for transparency, allowing customers to get an insight into their contribution to a better world.

Access Lululemon’s Affiliate Program here.



banner for Champion affiliate program on skimlinks

Champion is an affordable American sportswear brand that specializes in quality sweatshirts and hoodies. Known as the creators of the Reverse Weave construction technique, the knitting structure in Champion apparel is stitched horizontally which minimizes shrinkage and improve durability. With countless partnerships including Supreme, Rick Owens, NBA and many others, Champion creates apparel that is sporty, fashionable & sustainable. 

Access Champion’s Affiliate Program here.


Alo Yoga

banner for alo yoga affiliate program on skimlinks

Founded in Los Angeles, California, Alo Yoga is about spreading mindfulness, inspiring wellness and creating community within their brand. Their yoga pieces transition seamlessly from the studio to everyday wear in hope of encouraging people to bring yoga into their life. Alo Yoga’s apparel is made with Airlift Fabric so wearers feel more compressed, secure and sculpted whilst doing activities. With four-way stretch fabric, the apparel moves with wearers in harmony. Whether you are in the studio or walking the streets, Alo Yoga is versatile. 

Access Alo Yoga’s Affiliate Program here.


Under Armour

banner for under armour affiliate program on skimlinks

Under Armour, headquartered in Baltimore, is a leading inventor, marketer, and distributor of branded athletic performance apparel, footwear, and accessories. The brand is renowned for its innovation in sports performance apparel. In 2022 they won the Edison Award for innovation, for their UA Flow technology that disrupts traditional footwear design by eliminating the rubber outsole to make it more lightweight. As a leader in the sports apparel industry, Under Armour has significant brand recognition and loyalty among consumers, which can lead to higher conversion rates for affiliates.

Access Under Armour’s Affiliate Program here.



banner for puma affiliate program on skimlinks

For more than 70 years, Puma has carried sport forward by relentlessly creating products for the world’s fastest athletes. Driven by innovation, heritage, sustainability and the celebration of women in sport, Puma is a brand that aims to connect with people through sport and culture. Train and look good in Puma apparel at affordable prices where quality is at the forefront of their ethos. 

Access Puma’s Affiliate Program here.



banner for adidas affiliate program on skimlinks

Adidas, a leader in the athletic and sportswear industry is a fantastic opportunity for everyone in the fitness niche. Known for its high-quality, stylish, and performance-driven products, Adidas caters to a wide audience, ranging from professional athletes to fashion-conscious consumers and casual sport enthusiasts. Beyond activewear, Adidas has made a significant impact on popular culture, including fashion and music and has cemented itself as a brand with a cult and loyal following, In 2023, the Adidas Samba has been widely dubbed “the shoe of the year”. The iconic shoe was first produced in 1949, demonstrating the longevity of the brand beyond trends, making it ideal for evergreen content. Find out more information about the Adidas affiliate program on Skimlinks.

Access the Adidas affiliate program here.



banner for reebok affiliate program on skimlinks

Reebok is an American-inspired global brand with a deep heritage in sports and fitness. They offer a wide range of products including performance footwear, clothing, and accessories for running, training, and other sports activities. For decades Reebok has been at the forefront of sports innovation with technologies like ZigTech, which provides energy return and cushioning for runners, and Flexweave, a durable yet flexible material used in both shoes and apparel. The Reebok Nano series, particularly the Nano X is one of Reebok’s best selling products, thanks to its beloved status in the Crossfit community.

Access the Reebok affiliate program here.


Sole Fitness

banner for sole fitness affiliate program on skimlinksSole Fitness is a premier name in the fitness industry, providing numerous hotels in North America with fitness equipment. This brand has received countless “Best Buy” reviews from reputable consumer review sites and magazines alike too. Best known for their treadmills, Sole Fitness’ engineering team adapt and improve their technology to complement upcoming trends. 

Access Sole Fitness’ Affiliate Program here.


JTX Fitness

banner for jtx fitness affiliate program on skimlinks

Launched in 2009, JTX Fitness embodies a simple purpose: to help people reach their fitness goals, safely, conveniently and with excellent customer service. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, JTX Fitness provides a complete range of equipment made to transform health and fitness levels for life. With a 4.5 rating on Trustpilot, the attention to detail speaks for itself. 

Access JTX Fitness’ Affiliate Program here.



banner for iherb affiliate program on skimlinks

Staying healthy internally is equally as important as exercising which is why iHerb has been on a mission to provide affordable health and wellness products to everyone. Delivering to over 185 countries and supplying up to 30,000 different types of products, iHerb prides itself on international reach and a wide range of premium products that adhere to the strict standards and Current Good Manufacturing Practices set by the FDA. 

Access iHerb’s Affiliate Program here.



banner for nike affiliate program on skimlinks

Based in Oregon, Nike is the world’s largest athletic apparel company that grossed more than $50 billion in 2023. Known best for high-quality footwear and apparel, Nike is an accomplished trendsetter brand. With a mission to supply everyone with products that inspire people to expand their human potential – “if you have a body, you are an athlete”, Nike evokes groundbreaking innovations to create sustainable products that are stylish yet durable.

Access the Nike Affiliate Program here.



banner for whoop affiliate program on skimlinks

If you are looking for a fitness tracker affiliate program, look no further than WHOOP. They provide 24/7 digital fitness and health coaching to help people achieve their goals. WHOOP delivers personalized, actionable feedback and recommendations across recovery, sleep, training, and health via a membership that includes WHOOP 4.0 The WHOOP affiliate program is available in the United Kingdom and United States.

Access the WHOOP affiliate program on Skimlinks



banner for gymshark affiliate program on skimlinks

If you are interested in writing fitness content, chances are you are very familiar with Gymshark already. What began as a humble supplement company in a garage in Birmingham, is now a leading brand in fitness apparel standing out for its innovative and stylish workout clothes that resonate with a young, fitness-conscious audience. Gymshark carries various activewear styles, but they’re most known for their top-quality leggings that are functional, flattering, and pretty affordable. The brand has generated a massive cult following of influencers, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts everywhere. With a strong presence in multiple countries, Gymshark’s global appeal allows affiliates to reach a wide international audience, increasing the potential for higher earnings. The Gymshark affiliate program is available across the globe. Check out the full list of countries here.

Access the Gymshark Affiliate Program here.



banner for myprotein affiliate program on skimlinks

Myprotein offers a comprehensive range of products, from protein powders to workout gear and expert advice. Myprotein doesn’t just stop at protein powders; their extensive product catalog includes vitamins, minerals, high-protein foods, and performance clothing. This variety allows affiliates to target a broad audience with varying health and fitness goals. Known for its affordable pricing and regular promotions, Myprotein makes fitness and health supplements accessible to a wide demographic, enhancing the potential for frequent and repeat purchases. Myprotein is more than a brand; it becomes a trusted companion in the challenging yet rewarding journey toward peak physical well-being. The Mypotein affiliate program is available across the globe. Check out the full list of countries here.

Access the MyProtein Affiliate Program here.



banner for ergatta affiliate program on skimlinks

Founded in New York City, Ergatta focuses on the fusion of convenience and quality to provide people with the perfect at-home workout sessions. CEO Tom Aulet’s idea of adding gaming-inspired software into rowing machines “capture the magic of a competitive sport or game to make people actually want to do it”, which encourages engagement and interactivity. With free & fast shipping, people can experience the benefit of Ergatta risk-free for 60 days. 

Access Ergatta’s Affiliate Program here.



Arc’teryx is a Canadian brand founded in 1989 by local climbers that creates apparel made with Gore-Tex & Gore-Tex PRO: key materials to attain high levels of durability and water resistance. Arc’teryx is generally understood as a brand that produces the “supreme system”. As their home is in the Canadian Coast Mountain wilderness, Arc’teryx’s materials, design, construction is at peak efficiency. Customers can buy their products with confidence knowing it is of premium quality. 

Access Arc’teryx’s Affiliate Program here.

Being fit and healthy never goes out of style, so make sure to take advantage of this key topic and include these top-performing fitness affiliate programs to grow your potential revenue today. Looking for more affiliate programs inspiration? Check out the Top Health and Wellness affiliate programs you can promote today. Or head over to Merchant Search in the Skimlinks Publisher Hub to see 1000s of Fitness affiliate programs available on Skimlinks, ready to be written about!  

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