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Managed Merchant Program

The Managed Merchant Program facilitates strong relationships between Merchants and Publishers, with increased exposure and deeper insights into program performance.

Managed Merchants receive the following benefits from Skimlinks:

  • Account Manager assistance to maximize strategic growth
  • Increased content exposure through exclusive partnerships with publishers
  • Optimize diversified publisher portfolio to get exposure, new customers, and sales
  • Deeper performance insights

We review which merchants would most benefit from this every 6 months; these Merchants must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Live with Skimlinks for a minimum of 6 months
  • Generating over $3,000 in the US or over £2,000 in the UK in Editorial Content Publisher* commissions per month, for six consecutive months
  • High order value – at least $70 (except subscription verticals like streaming or software).
  • Fits in one of our 34 verticals, to guarantee Skimlinks has the channels to promote, and Publishers in our networks that can boost sales at scale
  • Relevant all year, even if that means providing less management during off peak seasons
  • Low reversal rates (relative to industry)
  • Interest from Editorial Content Publishers

The Skimlinks Managed Merchant program is up to the discretion of the Account Management team.

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