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Using the best merchants

With 48,500 merchants in the Skimlinks Platform, there are endless opportunities for Publishers to discover merchants that will resonate with their audience.

Through Skimlinks, Publishers have access to higher commission rates with many merchants that have been exclusively negotiated on your behalf by our Merchant Team.

There are three ways for you to discover new merchants to write about.

Skimlinks Editor Toolbar

Ensure you have the Editor Toolbar installed, so that when you are browsing merchants online, you’ll immediately be able to see if they are part of an affiliate program and the average commission they pay.  Through the Editor Toolbar, you can see if the merchant provides exclusive rates only available through Skimlinks and if there are any conditions applicable to the rates.

With the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar, you can see all of this information, without the need to navigate away from the merchant’s website, so no disruption to your workflow.

Merchant Search and Offers

The Merchant Search tool provides publishers with the ability to discover merchants by category, country, rate type and program type. Publishers can filter by “Give Back” meaning merchants who are giving back to the community in some way, and can also add merchants to their “Favourites”.  From the search results, publishers can dive into the merchants’ profile pages to see commission rates, performance metrics and offers.

The Offers tool showcases offers from across our publisher network, and can be filtered by category, offer type, merchant type, country and status.

Watch the video below to learn how to use our Merchant Search and Offers tools!

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