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Working with a team

If you are the only person with access to Skimlinks, then you can skip this section and move onto Installing the script and turning your links into revenue generating links.

But, if you work as part of a bigger team and you are responsible for the management of all the Skimlinks users within your business, then this section is for you.

Accessing the Skimlinks Publisher Hub and tools can help commerce content editors when producing content. They will be able to use the editor toolbar or the merchant search to identify valuable deals and merchants. Some users will also need access to more advanced analytics to better measure revenue generated and influence your commerce content strategy.

Every person creating commerce content at any publishers should be set up with their own username and password.  We recommend that you create a profile for every commerce content contributor. You can easily add a new user in the Team Management section of Settings.  Simply fill in their details and they’ll be sent an email to create their own username and password.

The main Skimlinks user also has the ability to manage what type of access each user has within the Skimlinks Platform.  This covers permission levels including who can access payment information, add/remove users and see performance reporting.  In the Team Management section, click on Roles to manage user access levels.

When a Skimlinks user leaves the organisation, then the Main User can then easily delete their account so they will not longer be able to access any performance data or other information sensitive to your organisation.

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