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Writing revenue-generating content

Now that you have the script installed on your site and you’ve installed the Editor Toolbar, it’s time to start writing content.

Before you get started

Before you start writing brand new commerce content, do an audit of your existing content, especially those high performing articles,  and make sure you have commerce links in place to easily start generating revenue.

What should you write about?

First, make sure you have a really good understanding of your audience, to ensure any content you produce and any merchants you write about are going to really engage your audience.  Think about your vertical, content your readers are already engaging with and the demographics of your audience.

Timely Content

Timely content is generally content that will have a short-term impact with your audience.  This could be a deal or offer from a particular merchant, reactive content to a topical issue or content about an upcoming one-off event.

Timeless Content

Timeless content is all about your SEO.  This is content that will have a long-term impact with your audience and articles that you can update on once or twice a year.  Themes that you can write about here are Back-to-School, Valentine’s Day, Black Friday or other annual events that your audience is engaged with.

Types of Content

Content comes in many shapes and sizes:

  • Product Reviews
  • Top 10 and Listicles
  • Deals and Offers
  • Image Galleries
  • Buying Guides
  • Gift Guides

The Skimlinks Blog is great source of information and inspiration for content that you can be producing and examples of what other publishers are producing.

You can also check out the award-winning content from The CAPS 2022.

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