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Introducing ShopYourLikes – The monetization platform for influencers and creators

ShopYourLikes is Skimlinks’ sister company designed specifically for influencers.

Equipped with an array of intuitive tools, ShopYourLikes streamlines the process of creating and sharing affiliate links on Instagram, TikTok and more, wherever you are.

Join thousands of creators to power-up your business and drive earnings. Whether you’re taking your first steps in monetization or you’re a seasoned pro, you can grow with ShopYourLikes.

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*currently available in the US only

Content Monetization platform for influencers and creators

Why Choose ShopYourLikes

  • Instant access to a network of over 600 brands
  • Exclusive commission rates, often 2x the usual rates
  • Easy tools to create shoppable links on the go
  • 1:1 growth consultants to help you achieve your goals
  • Fast payments in just 45 days after the month ends
  • And so much more…

Leading Brands in Any Vertical

Can I use Skimlinks and ShopYourLikes?

Absolutely! Skimlinks is ideal for bloggers – the Javascript code turns every link on your website into an affiliate link automatically. ShopYourLikes is built with influencers in mind – you can find all the tools you need to create links on the go. Check out our FAQ to find out more about the difference between Skimlinks and ShopYourLikes

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Influencers & Creators Love ShopYourLikes

“I love working with ShopYourLikes! We have been with them for almost five years. They’re a great partner that listens to my input and takes action to help me grow my business!” 

Mollie @designlovesdetail

Mollie from Design Loves Detail

“ShopYourLikes is a game-changer. Its 600+ retailers have allowed me to diversify and monetize ALL my content, beyond just Home and DIY! I feel closer to my followers when I’m able to link out lifestyle products they see on YouTube or IG.”

Lauren @furnitureflippingteacher

Lauren from FurnitureFlippingTeacher
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