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1,000 New Merchants each month at your fingertips with Skimlinks

Posted 3 years ago by Monika Lescevska

1,000 merchants are added to the Skimlinks Publisher Hub each month and we are thrilled to announce a new feature that will allow Publishers to easily discover who’s new.

When using the Merchant Search, Publishers can now select the “new” filter to see which Merchants have been added in the last 30 days. They will appear with a blue “new” flag in the search results and on their Merchant Profile page.

This filter is a great way for Publishers to discover new merchants who align with their content and grow their commerce revenue. 

What are the benefits for publishers?

  • Publishers can easily discover new and exciting merchants
  • All new affiliate programs available in the one place
  • Generate incremental revenue from merchants you haven’t featured before

What are the benefits for merchants?

  • Increased visibility and exposure to publishers
  • Have new audiences discover your brand, products and services
  • Increase the potential sales driven from the world’s leading media brands

Log into the Publishers Hub now to view all new merchants.

Publishers not working with Skimlinks, sign up here.

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