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5 secrets for a successful Merchant Strategy

Posted 7 years ago by Skimlinks

At Skimlinks, a lot of the time we talk about our publishers, but we also work with over 24,000 marvellous merchants. They all have great products that your readers will love and with our technology installed, all you need do is link to one of our merchants and you’ll earn commission on any sales you drive. But there’s a difference between adding a few links to merchants and making a serious revenue from affiliate, so to help you make that next step, we put together this post which contains five secrets for a successful Merchant Strategy:

1. Look back at content from years’ gone by

We recommend you review the performance of your past content before writing anything new for three reasons. Firstly it’s a great way to identify what timeless and timely content looks like for you: in essence, understanding what content will perform well organically over time and what content will be successful, but with a shorter lifespan. Moreover, you can also use it to figure out what content you already have indexed in search engines, and update that content to capitalize on the superior search ranking and resulting traffic you receive.

2. Talk to your audience development teams

When you create timely content, talk to your audience development teams (if you have them!), and use their insights as a way to shape what you write about. Teams like your social team will be able to anticipate and spot trends before or as they happen, enabling you to create content that seizes upon the moment to drive sales.

3. Check Merchant Section

The Merchant Section is where we house all the information you need to know about our merchants. You can find the CPA rates, to see how much commission you’ll earn from sales driven to a merchant and offers to focus your content around.

You can also use the Merchant Section to find out which of our merchants belong to our Preferred Partner= and VIP= programs. These merchants offer significantly higher commission rates than our base standard, so if you find yourself picking between merchants, picking the PPP / VIP merchant can be the best strategy from a commission-earning perspective.

4. Favourite merchants to receive offers from them

Our “favourite” function, helps you select which merchants you want to receive updates from. Once you favourite a merchant, using the heart icon, you’ll be updated about changes to their CPA rate and whenever they release a new offer. You can favourite merchants in a couple of ways, in merchant search, on the merchant’s page or in the offers tab.

5. Work with our Merchant Team!

Our very own Merchant superheroes are here to help you secure that CPA rate you need or access offers that will elevate your content offering. They work round the clock to bring merchants onto our preferred programs, lift CPA rates and secure exclusive offers for your readers.

So there you have our secrets for Merchant Strategy success. Use these tips and you’ll be earning revenue in no time. Head to the Merchant section now to see who you could be writing about!

Common questions about how Skimlinks works with Merchants answered

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