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5 Ways In-App Tracking Can Boost Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue

Posted 1 year ago by Angelique Parungao

Mobile phones play a significant role in our lives. We rely heavily on them for various tasks — including online shopping. 

Mobile phone usage in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding Greater China, was 59% in 2021 and is forecast to reach 62% by 2025, representing a compound annual growth rate of 2.2%. 

For this reason, businesses must make sure their websites and applications are mobile-friendly to offer seamless online shopping experiences to their customers.


Experience with m-commerce is on the rise

Across the Skimlinks network in 2022, 60% of all APAC traffic came from mobile.

In 2021, mobile commerce represented more than 50% of total e-commerce sales in APAC. Meanwhile, in India, where 96% of the population owns a smartphone, 75% of e-commerce spending was attributed to mobile devices

Researchers found that mobile apps convert 3x higher than mobile websites, and desktop websites convert 1.5x higher. This number highlights the importance of optimising your e-commerce apps, as they can reach most of their audience and drive more sales.

And one of these significant optimisations is enabling in-app tracking.


Top benefits of in-app tracking 

As a merchant doing affiliate marketing, activating in-app tracking can help you leverage this trend and optimise your affiliate programme for increased revenue.

As it tracks conversions in your app, you can use this data to optimise your campaigns by seeing which affiliates perform well and which need improvement. 

Benefits of In-app tracking


1. Get visibility and insights: Operating a successful business requires complete visibility and understanding of performance. 

In-app tracking allows you to attribute conversions accurately to the appropriate marketing channels. You can quickly identify which marketing channels drive the most conversions and also optimise your affiliate programme accordingly.

2. Increase affiliate performance:  With mobile traffic accounting for over 50% of all online traffic and the growing popularity of native commerce apps, in-app tracking can help you improve 30-40% of your affiliate performance.

You must track in-app to get valuable information about your sales channels and save money on low-return activities.

3. Enhance relationships with publishers: Merchants can gain significant exposure through top placements, free social media posts, and exclusive content.

As publishers thrive on optimising their readers’ experience and revenue, they will be more likely to write about you and push you on their social channels — where most mobile traffic comes from — if you offer a positive experience on mobile. They will also correctly attribute the sales. Make sure your in-app tracking works to help publishers fairly earn from all traffic.

4. Incentivise app downloads: If you want to drive downloads, you can utilise in-app tracking to entice publishers to promote your app.

Without in-app tracking, you may not be able to accurately track which affiliate channel or publisher drove app downloads and in-app transactions. As a result, you might not be able to credit the source and discourage channels or publishers from promoting your app, as they may feel their efforts need to be rewarded appropriately.

5. Gain a competitive advantage: Activating in-app tracking can give you a competitive advantage. 

Using in-app tracking data to optimise their affiliate programme, you can outperform their competitors and attract more affiliate partners.


The rise of mobile commerce means businesses have to offer seamless online shopping experiences to their customers.

You can boost the performance of your affiliate programmes, receive insights and visibility, build better relationships with publishers, incentivise app downloads, and earn more by implementing in-app tracking.

Unlock the full potential of your affiliate programme with in-app tracking — start tracking conversions and gaining valuable insights today.

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