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5 Ways Skimlinks Can Bring Value To Your Affiliate Program

Posted 3 months ago by Naomi Kono

As the leading commerce content platform, Skimlinks has the privilege of working with 48,500 merchants worldwide and contributing to their affiliate success. Our strong relationships with top-tier publishers around the world have helped merchants grow.

As we activate 1000 new merchants every month and know there are lots of questions, we wanted to highlight key ways Skimlinks brings value to merchants and helps scale their affiliate programs internationally.

1. Our transparency and the key publisher relationships

We differentiate ourselves with the level of data transparency we offer as well as our strong relationships with top-tier publishers. Knowing how your program is performing and which publishers generate revenue for you is important for your growth.

To make it easy for merchants to access performance data from Skimlinks, we make granular performance data, including click through rate and sales, available to you in your affiliate network of choice. Merchants who are part of Avantlink, Awin, CJ, Commission Factory, Impact, Involve Asia, Partnerize, Pepperjam and Rakuten networks can view Skimlinks performance data by Publisher domain in their networks.

Swarovski Testimonial

2. Our Excellent Network Quality

Skimlinks receives over 1,600 applications per month from publishers across the globe and the approval rate is only 3%. This is due to the strict quality checks at approvals that ensure only top-tier content publishers are welcome on our network. We use a data-led approach followed by an in-house manual review of every application that is accepted onto Skimlinks. This robust approval process allows us to selectively choose publishers who truly resonate with local audiences and generate incremental revenue for merchants.

To know more about the network quality, visit Skimlinks Network Quality

3. Robust policy to root out fraudulent activities

On top of a thorough approvals process, we also monitor our traffic for any potential fraudulent activities or risk to our valued merchant partners. We aim to always act quickly and decisively while also being able to give legitimate publishers the chance to prove their value through the monitoring process. This is possible because we continuously evolve our monitoring and alerting systems, driven by a team with decades of combined experience in Network Quality.

Our Program Policies are the cornerstone of our network’s quality. They consist of clear content guidelines and examples of the breaches. Publishers who would like to work with Skimlinks have to adhere to these policies. They have been constantly evolving with the changing affiliate landscape over the years while remaining true to our core values and focusing on merchant incrementality.

4. No extra cost, significant benefits

Skimlinks is completely free for Merchants. We do not charge any additional fees to merchants who work with us. The only exception is our Preferred Partner Program, through which growth merchants can enhance their exposure opportunity by opting for a monthly membership fee.

As well as transparent reporting in all major affiliate network, we can provide additional publisher-level reports via email on a regular cadence. Our Account Specialist Team and the Preferred Partner Program are on offer to merchants approving Skimlinks who want to grow their affiliate success. Merchants with rapid growth that meet revenue criteria also have the opportunity to be managed by our expert Merchant Development team.

Merchants that are managed receive Quarterly Business Reviews, strategy advice, tailored support and the opportunity to interact with our lead editorial publishers. As your business expands, so do your opportunities and benefits with Skimlinks.

5. Publisher scale we provide for merchants

Skimlinks empowers merchants by connecting them with over 60,000 publishers across various verticals worldwide, maximizing their exposure to achieve marketing goals. We work with 8 of the 10 largest publishers globally, including Buzzfeed, HuffPost, Conde Nast, and Hearst. Additionally, merchants can benefit from our ongoing geo expansion across the Asia-Pacific region, such as Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore India and Japan.

We also recognize that brands may have specific sensitivities regarding collaborations with certain types of publishers. In such instances, we provide merchants with solutions to enable selective partnerships at the desired level.

How to work with Skimlinks today

If you’re already part of an integrated affiliate network, you can simply approve Skimlinks as a Publisher and ensure your program is deep link enabled.  If we are approved, your program deeplinks correctly, and you are not live with Skimlinks in any other networks, then our system will automatically set you live within 2 business days.

If you are a new Merchant and have not worked with Skimlinks before, please reach out to partner with an affiliate network.  You can see a list of the networks we work with here

Alternatively, you can find out more about working with Skimlinks as a Merchant here.

We are thrilled to have you on board with us to grow together.

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