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15 Best Health and Wellness Affiliate Programs to Promote in 2024

Posted 5 months ago by Adriana Harseva

In recent years, the health and wellness sector has experienced an extraordinary surge, emerging as a lucrative opportunity for publishers and bloggers. This sector’s expansion, particularly in e-commerce, has been remarkable, with online sales in the health and wellness space growing by over 20% annually. For content creators specializing in health, fitness, and wellness, this trend is particularly advantageous. Affiliate marketing, a pivotal component of this growth, has seen an increase in overall spending, reaching upwards of $8 billion in the industry. This increase is a testament to the sector’s robustness and its appeal to a broad audience. By aligning with the right affiliate programs, bloggers and publishers are not only tapping into a thriving market but are also meeting their audience’s growing demand for authentic and quality health-related content and products.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the best health and wellness affiliate programs specifically tailored for bloggers and publishers. These programs offer not only high-quality products but also the potential for significant earnings, tapping into a market that is both vast and continuously evolving.


Thrive Market

Thrive Market has carved a niche in the health and wellness space as an online retailer. It offers an exceptional fusion of organic groceries and unbeatable prices, creating a haven for those who prioritise their well-being. Their commitment to sustainable and healthy living makes them a standout choice for promoting products that align with a mindful lifestyle. Thrive Market operates on a membership model, which can lead to higher customer lifetime values. Affiliates can benefit from promoting both product sales and membership sign-ups. The Thrive Market affiliate program is available in the US.

Access the Thrive Market Affiliate Program here.


Hum Nutrition

Hum Nutrition is another excellent US-based health and wellness affiliate program you can include in your posts. The brand understands that beauty isn’t just skin deep. Positioned as the key to unlocking inner radiance, Hum Nutrition offers personalised vitamin packs that delve into the allure of science-backed formulas tailored to specific beauty needs. In a world saturated with beauty products, Hum Nutrition stands out by promoting a holistic approach to skincare and overall well-being. As you connect your audience to these targeted beauty boosters, you not only empower them to enhance their outer beauty but also encourage a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of self-care. The allure of Hum Nutrition lies not only in its products but in the promise of a transformative and individualised journey toward radiant well-being.

Access the Hum Nutrition Affiliate Program here


Alo Moves

Alo Moves transcends the limitations of traditional home workouts by transforming living spaces into sanctuaries of wellness. It emerges as the ultimate home yoga studio, offering world-class instructors, diverse classes, paired with stylish Alo outfits. The platform appeals to those who prefer the tranquillity of home over the hustle of the gym, empowering your readers to find their zen while adorning themselves in fashionable workout gear. The flourishing trend of home workouts provides the perfect backdrop for promoting Alo Moves, and as your audience embraces this unique approach to fitness, your commissions are poised to soar. The Alo Moves affiliate program is available in Canada, United Statesand United Kingdom.

Access the Alo Moves Affiliate Program here.




P.volve redefines the fitness landscape by offering low-impact, high-intensity workouts that cater to all fitness levels. P.volve’s unique fitness methodology sets it apart from traditional workout programs, offering a fresh perspective that emphasizes body mechanics and functional movement, attracting a wide range of fitness enthusiasts. Their programs are designed to be inclusive and adaptable, appealing to everyone from fitness beginners to seasoned athletes, as well as those rehabilitating from injuries. By connecting with a diverse audience and promoting these unique workout routines, you tap into the burgeoning fitness enthusiast market. Affiliates have the opportunity to promote not just P.volve’s streaming service, but also their range of unique fitness equipment, providing multiple streams of potential revenue. The P.volve affiliate program is available in Australia, Canada and United States.

Access the P.volve Affiliate Program here.



Embark on a fitness journey with Myprotein, a brand that offers a comprehensive range of products, from protein powders to workout gear and expert advice. Myprotein doesn’t just stop at protein powders; their extensive product catalog includes vitamins, minerals, high-protein foods, and performance clothing. This variety allows affiliates to target a broad audience with varying health and fitness goals. Known for its affordable pricing and regular promotions, Myprotein makes fitness and health supplements accessible to a wide demographic, enhancing the potential for frequent and repeat purchases. Myprotein is more than a brand; it becomes a trusted companion in the challenging yet rewarding journey toward peak physical well-being. The Myprotein affiliate program is available across the globe. Check out the full list of countries here.

Access the Myprotein Affiliate Program here.


She Thinx

She Thinx breaks the taboos surrounding menstruation by offering leak-proof underwear that is not only comfortable and sustainable but also stylish. This brand becomes a symbol of progressive period care options, empowering your audience to embrace a more enlightened approach to feminine hygiene. As you promote She Thinx, you align yourself with a brand that is actively reshaping the conversation around menstruation. Your commissions aren’t just financial gains; they are contributions to a positive societal shift in how we perceive and address women’s health. She Thinx becomes more than a product; it becomes a movement, and as your readers join this movement, they not only experience the comfort of leak-proof underwear but also contribute to breaking down outdated taboos.

Access the She Thinx Affiliate Program here.



Goop, founded by actress Gwyneth Paltrow, stands at the intersection of luxury, wellness, and lifestyle, offering a curated collection of beauty, fashion, home, and wellness products. Known for its focus on clean living and holistic wellness, Goop presents an appealing affiliate opportunity, particularly for those targeting audiences interested in upscale, conscientious living. This brand is synonymous with a modern, sophisticated lifestyle, making it a compelling choice for affiliate marketers in the wellness and lifestyle space. Goop’s array of high-end products attracts a specific market segment interested in luxury wellness and lifestyle goods. This niche appeal can lead to a dedicated and engaged audience for affiliates. But Goop is not just about products; it’s a brand built on engaging content, stories, and a lifestyle philosophy. This richness provides affiliates with a plethora of content ideas and promotional angles. The Goop affiliate program is available in France, Italy, UK, South Korea, Germany, Canada and the US.

Access the Goop Affiliate Program here.


Boots, a staple in the UK health and beauty retail sector, offers a diverse range of products including pharmaceuticals, skincare, makeup, and wellness items. With a rich history and a reputation for quality and reliability, Boots presents a compelling affiliate program for those in the health, beauty, and wellness niche. The brand’s extensive product selection, combined with its commitment to customer care and innovation, makes it an attractive partner for affiliate marketers. Boots frequently offers discounts, loyalty rewards, and exclusive deals, providing affiliates with numerous opportunities to attract and engage their audience.

Access the Boots Affiliate Program here.


iHerb becomes the passport to wellness, standing as the global marketplace for natural products, supplements, and beauty finds. By tapping into the health-conscious consumer base worldwide, your commissions extend across a vast and diverse product range. Positioning yourself as the gateway to a world of wellness, you become the bridge between consumers and a marketplace that offers wellness solutions from around the globe. Your association with iHerb isn’t just about selling products; it’s about connecting your audience with a diverse array of wellness solutions that resonate with their individual needs. As you guide your readers through this global wellness marketplace, your commissions reflect the richness and variety of products available, establishing a lasting and fulfilling partnership.

Access the iHerb Affiliate Program here.>


CVS Is a US brand that transcends the role of a pharmacy, emerging as your neighbourhood health partner. With convenient locations, personalised services, and a commitment to community well-being, CVS becomes the ideal brand to connect with a wide audience. Your commissions extend across diverse product categories, reflecting the comprehensive nature of CVS’s offerings. Positioning CVS as a trusted brand aligns your content with accessibility and care, fostering a relationship that goes beyond individual transactions. Your association with CVS becomes a reflection of your commitment to promoting well-being within local communities, and as your readers turn to CVS for their health and wellness needs, your commissions grow in tandem with the brand’s dedication to community-centric health solutions.

Access the CVS Affiliate Program here.


Walgreens becomes the embodiment of accessible wellness, synonymous with reliability, convenience, and a broad range of health and wellness products. By aligning with this trusted brand, your commissions extend across diverse product categories, reflecting the universal nature of wellness accessible to all. Walgreens becomes the accessible destination for your readers’ wellness needs, and your association with the brand signifies a commitment to making wellness a reality for everyone. As your readers turn to Walgreens for their health and wellness essentials, your commissions reflect the inclusivity and reliability that define the brand, creating a partnership rooted in shared values and a commitment to accessible well-being. Walgreens frequently offers special deals, promotional discounts, and loyalty rewards, creating numerous opportunities for affiliates to engage their audience and drive sales.

Access the Walgreens Affiliate Program here.

Les Mills

Les Mills offers more than just fitness programs; it unleashes the inner athlete within your readers. By promoting world-class group fitness programs and on-demand workouts, you tap into the transformative experiences that cater to diverse fitness goals. As your audience embraces the innovative programs offered by Les Mills, your commissions soar, fueled by the brand’s commitment to providing transformative fitness experiences. Les Mills becomes more than a provider of workouts; it becomes the catalyst for your readers to unleash their fitness beast, achieving their health and wellness goals. Your association with Les Mills becomes a testament to your commitment to promoting not just fitness but a holistic approach to well-being through dynamic and engaging experiences.


Quip elevates oral care to a new level with sleek electric toothbrushes and stylish subscriptions, endorsing aesthetics and effectiveness. By earning on subscriptions that cater to an audience valuing both, Quip becomes the go-to brand for those who want to smile brighter with simplicity in their oral care routine. Your association with Quip isn’t just about selling toothbrushes; it’s about promoting a lifestyle that values both form and function. As your readers subscribe to Quip, your commissions reflect the brand’s appeal to those who seek simplicity without compromising on style in their oral care. Quip becomes more than a brand; it becomes a symbol of a modern, streamlined approach to maintaining a bright and healthy smile.

Access the Quip Affiliate Program here.

The Nue Co.

The Nue Co. positions itself at the forefront of wellness, offering innovative supplements and wellness products designed for the 21st century. By aligning with this leading brand, you earn commissions on unique, science-backed solutions that resonate with your readers seeking modern and effective approaches to well-being. The Nue Co. becomes more than just a brand; it becomes a source of cutting-edge solutions that address the challenges of modern living. Your association with The Nue Co. signifies a commitment to guiding your audience toward wellness solutions that are not just current but also backed by scientific rigor. As your readers explore and adopt The Nue Co.’s offerings, your commissions reflect the brand’s position as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving landscape of wellness.

Access the The Nue Co Affiliate Program here.


Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild Natural Deodorant is a UK brand that promotes freshness with a conscience through refillable aluminium-free, cruelty-free deodorants with customizable scents. By earning on natural deodorant subscriptions, you offer your audience a fresh, sustainable alternative that aligns with their values. Your association with Wild Natural Deodorant isn’t just about selling deodorants; it’s about endorsing a choice that combines effectiveness with ethical considerations. As your readers subscribe to this natural and sustainable alternative, your commissions reflect the brand’s appeal to those seeking a conscious and effective deodorant option. Wild Natural Deodorant becomes more than a product; it becomes a symbol of a fresh and sustainable lifestyle, and your partnership with the brand becomes a testament to your commitment to promoting products that resonate with your readers’ values.

Access the Wild Natural Deodorant Affiliate Program here.

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