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Black Friday in Australia: Shopping Insights from Down Under

Posted 8 months ago by Angelique Parungao

In 2022, 4.9+ million Australians shopped during the cyber weekend, 6.6% more than the previous year.

National Australia Bank (NAB) also estimated that Australians spent $7.1 billion across the four-day Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping event, a 20% jump from the sales a week prior. 

Skimlinks has observed a surge in activity and sales growth over Cyber Weekend, demonstrating a post-pandemic shopping culture, evident in the online activity surge and sales growth.

Black Friday overview

Comparing 2020 and 2022, we saw remarkable increases across the Skimlinks network:

  • 91%+ in clicks
  • 90%+ in publisher commission
  • 107%+ in order value
  • 41%+ in sales

To help you prepare for this shopping event, we have gathered relevant insights and tips to take advantage of this season and maximise your revenue this weekend. 


The Black Friday phenomena

While we saw traffic growing from the last week of September, Black Friday in 2022 surged in the last week of October. The excitement intensified as the day drew nearer, reaching its peak on Black Friday and extending through Cyber Monday.

Skimlinks says:  Prepare and update all your articles by October and promote them on various platforms:

  • Homepage to highlight and bring more traffic to the article

  • Different kinds of articles, such as listicles and dedicated stories 

  • Beyond your site – make use of your social and newsletters to promote your articles


Shoppers were keen on checking deals and making informed purchasing decisions, which has contributed to this extended shopping spree. 

Based on a survey, these are the top online purchasing drivers for Australians

  • Convenience (67%), such as fast delivery and click & collect options 
  • Lower prices (48%), discounts and sales, readers are also looking to compare prices
  • Free delivery (46%) 

Skimlinks says:  Publishers in the Skimlinks network earned 25% of their revenue from articles about deals in 2022. They also earned 55% from articles about comparisons.

With that, be sure to diversify featured promotions so you can attract readers looking for various promotions. Include offers such as coupons, free shipping, hot products, and discounts.   

Popular articles during black friday

Articles featuring brand deals, early Black Friday deals, product vertical sales, and deal round-ups were among the most popular content themes during this period.

Skimlinks says: Ensure all product links and information are up-to-date in existing articles, continuously generating revenue.

  • Use the Evergreen Report to identify articles that consistently drive revenue – and update them with relevant products. 
  • Use the trending items, categories and verticals in the Trending Products Report to find new products to include in your commerce content.


Top-performing products and verticals

Across the Skimlinks network, several product categories stood out as top performers QoQ:

Popular verticals during black friday

  • Luxury: Many Australians use Black Friday for holiday gift shopping, and the big discounts on luxury items make them more affordable, whether for themselves or loved ones.
  • Fitness: True to their fitness goals, Australians purchased athletic apparel, including leggings, workout sets, and sneakers. This trend reflects a commitment to health and wellness.
  • Garden Furniture: Warmer weather in spring and summer drives demand. People start to furnish their outdoor living spaces with comfortable furniture such as outdoor sofas, dining sets, and lounge chairs.
  • Beauty: Makeup and skincare products were also a hit during Black Friday last year. Beauty enthusiasts seized the opportunity to grab deals for advent calendars and new releases to update their routine to be more summer-appropriate. 

Skimlinks says:  Include multiple affiliate links to merchants’ or product pages in the articles.

Describe and include product images and ensure your Black Friday & Cyber Monday content is optimised for search engines using relevant keywords.


Black Friday in Australia is going from strength to strength

Australians wholeheartedly embraced Black Friday, with remarkable online engagement and sales growth. 

This post-pandemic trend showcases a dynamic shift in consumer behaviour, emphasising the importance of affiliate marketing and the popularity of Black Friday deals. As Black Friday continues to evolve, it’s clear that Australians are not just participating — they are actively shaping the future of this global shopping event.


Get Black Friday ready with Skimlinks

If you’re a business looking to maximise your Black Friday promotions or a publisher seeking to tap into the thriving Black Friday market, contact Skimlinks today to explore leveraging the Black Friday trend.  Boost your online presence and sales by taking advantage of the opportunity to be a part of this remarkable post-pandemic trend in Australia’s shopping. 

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