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Harnessing the Dragon: Strategies for Boosting Commerce Content During Lunar New Year

Posted 5 months ago by Naomi Kono

Lunar New Year marks the conclusion of winter and the start of spring, with widespread celebration around the world. As we highlighted in our Your Guide To Q1 Ecommerce Events You Should Write About, this is a significant moment for commerce content.

This blog serves as a guide for both publishers and merchants, offering insightful strategies and tips to fully capitalize on this online shopping opportunity. 

2023 Lunar New Year Skimlinks Network trends recap

Interest in Lunar New Year content began rising in early January, peaked a week before the actual Lunar New Year on January 22nd, and remained high in February. The overall year-over-year traffic increase was notable, reaching 104.9%. 

Conversion rate and earnings-per-click peaked during the second week of the Lunar New Year (January 29th to February 5th), indicating an ideal time for publishers to boost promotional articles.

Order value also increased significantly. The year-over-year uplift in order value from January 1 to February 28 was 59% for Hong Kong, 16% for Singapore, and 364% for Taiwan, respectively.

Regarding top-performing merchant verticals, both outbound and domestic travel experienced significant recovery following the border reopening, leading to an increase in their revenue. Travel experienced a growth of 150.39% and Package Holidays saw an increase of 317.2% year-over-year. Additionally, Online Fashion Retailer grew significantly this year with +99.76% year-over-year uplift.

To see more details, visit Lunar New Year Insights 2023

Commerce content strategy for Lunar New Year funnel

We suggest a three-step approach for creating commerce content as outlined below.

Lunar New Year Funnel 2024

Early January Mindset: Countdown is on

This is the time to publish commerce content articles, catering to early shoppers and researchers considering purchases for the Lunar New Year. Make sure to include pertinent keywords like Lunar New Year and 農曆新年in your article titles for enhanced discoverability. Top-performing topics to focus on include Key Brand Sales featuring Zodiac designs and Staycation ideas.

Early January Mindset of shoppers for Lunar New Year 2024

Example articles 

2023 Year of the Rabbit Limited Fashion Series Inventory!

Farfetch’s 30% Off Sales: Half-Price Off-White Logo Bags!

Lunar New Year Staycation offers

Middle January Mindset: Simple and Direct Savings

Now adjust your strategy and focus on showcasing straightforward promotions or deals, effectively capturing the attention of online shoppers. Top-performing article topics include Curated gift ideas, deal roundups and comprehensive coverage of sales and special offers.

Mid January Mindset of online shoppers for Lunar New Year 2024

Example articles 

Gift Box ideas (snacks) 

Lunar New Year Sales roundups

Lunar New Year discount promotions

February Mindset: Last minute purchases

It’s never too late to update and offer appealing deals to attract last-minute shoppers. In fact, our network data indicates that the conversion rate during Lunar New Year surged by 54% on a period-to-period basis. Top-performing article topics include Food delivery for home gatherings and Home Entertainment.

February Mindset of online shoppers for Lunar New Year 2024

Example articles 

Buffet for family celebration

One day travel suggestions during the Lunar New Year

Maximize Skimlinks platform capability

Ensure that you diligently monitor and capture evolving trends throughout the entire celebration period, striving to update and enhance the article promptly. There are powerful tools to facilitate this process during the online shopping extravaganza. We recommend exploring our comprehensive reporting tools specifically designed for key shopping days: Reports to Use on Key Shopping Days.

瑞兔辭舊去,龍騰新年來。新年快樂,萬事如意! – The auspicious rabbit departs the old, the dragon soars in the new year. Happy New Year, may all your wishes come true!

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