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Festive finds: Top 5 gift ideas for your commerce content

Posted 7 months ago by Angelique Parungao

As the festive season approaches, Australians are gearing up for a Christmas shopping spree like no other.

Whether you’re still wrapping up your content or looking for a gift for yourself and loved ones, here are the trending gift ideas to consider this year and how to stay on top of trends with Skimlinks!


Christmas shopping trends in Australia

In 2023, Australians are embracing an early and enthusiastic start to their festive purchases.

As compared to 2022, we saw a spike in traffic for “Christmas” starting in October. The traffic continued to increase during Singles’ Day and Cyber Weekend.

We anticipate continuing until two weeks before Christmas, as shoppers take advantage of big sale events and last-minute offers.

During this surge, there was notable growth across these metrics, with EPC increasing by over 120% and publisher commission skyrocketing by more than 107%.


Popular gift ideas: There is something special for everyone

With the festive season fast approaching, so do the exciting gift options.

Whether readers (or you!) are looking for extravagant treats or thoughtful presents for every loved one, these specific products and categories have emerged as standouts among Christmas shoppers:

Food & Drinks

When in doubt, food and drinks are always excellent gifts for anyone! There’s always something to delight every palate, whether small bites or a bottle of wine.

Food & Drinks saw 129%+ growth in publisher commission and 45%+ increase in EPC in the last 14 days.

Here are some content ideas based on Skimlinks articles that are currently performing well:

  • The best food and drink bon bons for Christmas
  • Best food and drink advent calendars for 2023
  • Countdown to Christmas with the best gin advent calendars in Australia


Luxury items

To those looking to splurge, shoppers also gravitate towards high-end this holiday season; think designer handbags, premium skincare and beauty gift sets.

Luxury products saw a 324%+ uptick in publisher commission and 110%+ in EPC.

According to Skimlinks network, here’s how top performing articles featured these items: 

  • Affordable Luxury Gifts To Give Someone Special In 2023
  • Looking to impress on a budget? Shop these luxury gifts under $50
  • The Best Luxury Gift Hampers in Australia


Gifts for pets

Pet owners enjoy pampering their furry or feathery companions with various gifts that cater to their comfort, entertainment, and well-being

Pet supplies saw a 526%+ growth in publisher commission and a 338%+ rise in EPC in the last 14 days..

Using Skimlinks’ best articles as inspiration, here are some blog post ideas:

  • Christmas Gifts For Pets If Your Fur Baby Is A Good Boy Who Deserves An Xmas Treat
  • Best Gifts You Can Buy for Pets and Their Owners This Christmas
  • Best Gifts for Pets: Cute Presents for Your Furry Friend to Enjoy this Christmas


Gifts for Kids

Christmas is often associated as a festive occasion for children. Make kids happy with clothes, toys, and care products this holiday season.

Verticals related children items (fashion, toys, and shoes), have seen a 284%+ growth in publisher commission and a 172%+ rise in EPC since two weeks ago.

Based on Skimlinks articles that are doing well, here’s how you can write about this product category: 

  • Gorgeous gifts for baby’s first Christmas
  • Ho, ho ho! The best advent calendars to help them count down to Santa
  • Best Matching Family Christmas PJs Sets For 2023


Home items

From holiday-themed plates to Christmas trees and decors, home items have become a favourite gift option.

Compared to the last 14 days, home vertical saw a 178% increase in publisher commission and 94%+ growth in EPC.

Below are some content ideas based on popular Skimlinks articles:

  • Best Christmas Lights For Your Tree & Outdoors 
  • Best home and design-inspired gifts for Christmas
  • Best Christmas stockings: The must-have stocking of 2023


As the Christmas shopping frenzy intensifies, these gift ideas are poised to dominate the market. You can boost revenue and engagement by capturing these trends in your commerce content.

To further enrich your content, don’t forget to check out Trending Products Report, you can identify trending products across the Skimlinks network that you’re not yet writing about.

With this report, you can drill down by country, vertical, merchant or by keyword to see which products readers across the Skimlinks network are buying that you’re not currently writing about.

And with that, we wish you a holly, jolly Christmas ahead!

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