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Create the perfect holiday gift guide in 3 easy steps

Posted 9 years ago by Skimlinks
National Retail Federation data forecasts that Americans will do almost half their holiday shopping online this year. And in the UK the holiday season remains the key annual shopping period. That makes it an ideal period to create gift guides. Holiday gift guides help people make better purchases for themselves or find the perfect gifts for others for the holidays. So here’s three steps, backed up by data from what our top publishers did last year, to help you create the perfect holiday gift guide: 

1) Think family members first 

The number of people you buy holiday gifts for seems to grow each year. But something you can bank on is that consumers will head to brands to buy gifts for close family members at some point during the festive season. Two of the top five Black Friday articles focused on Mom / Mum so that might be a good place to start with a gift guide. Shaping gift guides around a family member can help with SEO and resolve a specific need readers have.  

2) Self-gifters 

There are any number of different shopper personas at play during the holiday season but one publishers should keep in mind are self-gifters. Particularly active during Black Friday, the self-gifter isn’t looking for a gift for anyone else. Instead they look for the bargains that can benefit themselves. The new flatscreen TV for the house for the festive season or the new laptop they’ve been waiting to buy all year. They’re a cohort often overlooked, but they can be big spenders. More and more Black Friday is becoming a deals frenzy first and a gift-buying opportunity second. Publishers can harness that to their advantage by creating gift guides targeting them.

3) Design with mobile in mind

It used to be the case that online browsing took place on desktop and that’s where conversions happened too. Things have now moved in the mobile direction on both fronts. Mobile outperformed desktop on Black Friday and we expect that trend to continue in traffic and conversions as we approach Black Friday 2019. Improving mobile experiences from retailers should encourage the trend to persist through the holiday season too. 

In conclusion, the holiday season is the key period of the year for commerce content, and any gift guide created during this period has a strong chance of success. The key is to look to your own data, understand what should perform best with your customers and make use of best practices above to augment that approach. 

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