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Drive more revenue from evergreen content

Posted 4 years ago by Alannah Trew

50% of the revenue made by publishers on Skimlinks platform comes from articles they’ve written in the previous year.

Publishers need to be able to easily monitor and optimize evergreen articles to ensure continued revenue growth.

So we’re delighted to introduce our latest BETA report which allows publishers to do just that. This new report, provides publishers with both a topline overview of their evergreen content and actionable insights at an individual article level.

What’s included in the Evergreen report?

Over a rolling 7 day period, publishers can now see:

  • The Number of evergreen articles they have
  • What percentage that represents of their total articles
  • The revenue amount that evergreen articles represent

Publishers can also see and take action at an individual article level with:

  • Page URL for the Evergreen article
  • The date the article was first clicked
  • Revenue the article generates in a typical week
  • Revenue the article has generated over the past 7 days
  • The percentage increase or decrease in revenue over the past 7 days verse a typical week
  • Link to the page report to see which links are generating revenue or need to be optimised
  • Link to the Revenue by Date report to see more detail on how the article has performed over a set time period

How Publishers can use the data in the Evergreen report

Where an article is showing a decline in revenue versus a typical week, take the opportunity to investigate why this could be happening. Is there a broken link on the page, is a product out of stock or is a merchant featured that has lowered their commission rate? Then optimize the article, replace links or change the merchants you have featured to ones who will drive you a higher revenue.

Where publishers see an increase in revenue over the past 7 days, we recommend that you amplify the article. If it resonates with your audience, promote it across more of your channels, including social media, email and homepage slots, to increase the revenue potential even further.

The Evergreen BETA report is available to all publishers who have evergreen content. An evergreen article is defined as one that was published more than 90 days ago and continues to generate revenue.

What’s Next?

The Evergreen report is currently in BETA form and we’d love your feedback as we develop it further. Simply click on the “Send Feedback” link in the report and let us know what you think.

Skimlinks Publishers can login to the Publisher Hub now to access the report.

Publishers that don’t work with Skimlinks yet can apply here.

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