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Calendar for Public Holidays and key shopping events in the UK

Posted 5 months ago by Skimlinks

The average publisher on Skimlinks doubles their commerce content revenue in the holiday season. Commerce editors have more to write about than just Black Friday and Christmas.

Here is a selection of public holidays and events that can inspire publishers to write for their audiences in the UK. Publishers may decide to write their articles several months in advance to get better SEO traction or simply because consumers are shopping early.

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Q1 2024

From New Year’s Day to Valentine’s Day and London Fashion Week, Q1 offers diverse e-commerce opportunities. January sales, Dry January, and Chinese New Year provide unique marketing angles.

Jan 01 New Year’s Day
Jan 15 Blue Monday
Jan January Sales
New Year, New Me
Jan Dry January
Jan Veganuary
Feb 10 Chinese New Year (Year of the
Feb 13
Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday
Feb 14
International Women’s Day
Feb 14 Valentine’s Day
Feb 16-20
London Fashion Week
Feb 17
Random Act of Kindness Day
Feb 20
Love Your Pet Day
Mar 07 World Book Day
Mar 08
International Women’s Day
Mar 10 Mother’s Day
Mar 10 Ramadan Start
Mar 17 St Patrick’s Day
Mar 18 BAFTA’s
Mar 20
First Day of Spring
Mar 29 Good Friday
Mar 31 BST starts
Mar 31 Easter Sunday

Q2 2024

April Fool’s Day kicks off Q2, followed by Easter promotions and outdoor themed marketing. Father’s Day and the start of summer offer additional avenues for promotions.

Apr 01 April Fool’s Day
Apr 01 Easter Monday
Apr 08
End of Ramadan
Apr 10 Siblings Day
Apr 11
National Pet Day
Apr 19 Bicycle Day
Apr 22
National Tea Day
Apr 23 St George’s Day
May 01 Labour Day
May 13
World Cocktail Day
May 17
World Baking Day
Jun Pride Month
Jun 10 World Gin Day
Jun 15
National Beer Day
Jun 16 Father’s Day
Jun 20
Beginning of Summer
Jun 21
International Day of Yoga
Jun 27 Sunglasses Day
Jun 26-30
Glastonbury Festival
Jun 14 – July 14 Mens Euros
Jun 16 – July 21 Tour de France

Q3 2024

The Olympics, Wimbledon, Friendship Day, and back- to-school initiatives mark Q3. August provides unique angles with International Cat Day and World Photography Day

Jul 03-16 Wimbledon
Jul 06 Islamic New Year
Jul 07 Chocolate Day
Jul 09 Fashion Day
Jul 11 Prime day
Jul 24
School Holidays (differs per school)
Jul 26 – Aug 11 Olympics
Jul 31 National Orgasm Day
Aug 08 International Cat Day
Aug 09 Book Lovers Day
Aug 19 World Photography Day
Aug 26 National Dog Day
Aug Back to School
Sep 06 Read a Book Day
Sep 12 Video Games Day
Sep 22 Autumn Begins
Sep 22 Fitness Day
Sep 27 World Tourism Day

Q4 2024

Q4 starts with awareness including Black History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness. October features Halloween, November is full of sales, and December is packed with holiday celebrations.

Black History Month
Go Sober for October
Oct 01
International Coffee Day
Oct 01
World Vegetarian Day
Oct 10
World Mental Health Day
Oct 16 World Food Day
Oct 29
National Cat Day
Oct 29 BST ends
Oct 31 Halloween
Oct 31 Diwali
Nov Movember (Men’s Health Awareness
Nov 1
World Vegan Day
Nov 5
Guy Fawkes Night
Nov 10
Remembrance Sunday
Nov 11
Remembrance Day
Nov 11 Singles Day
Nov 29 Black Friday
Nov 30 St Andrew’s Day
Dec 02 Cyber Monday
Dec 21 Winter Solstice
Dec 24 Christmas Eve
Dec 25 Christmas Day
Dec 26 Boxing Day
Dec 31 New Year’s Eve

Calendar for Public Holidays and key shopping events in Australia and New Zealand

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