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Get Q4-Ready: See What Worked Well Last Year

Posted 2 years ago by Monika Lescevska

Now that you have installed the tech to help you optimize your commerce content before the busy shopping period begins, it’s time to review your performance last year. By using the following Skimlinks reports, you can see what worked well, what didn’t, and what you can do this year to maximize your revenue opportunities during the holidays and beyond.

Product Bought Report

Interested to see which products your readers have actually bought after clicking through from your commerce content? Use the Product Bought Report to view:

  • The specific product your readers have bought on the website, even if the product is different to the initial product they clicked on
  • Which merchant the products were bought from and the quantity bought
  • Order value and the revenue made from the purchase

But that’s not all – you can check how well you performed during Cyber Weekend last year by changing the date selector, and increase your revenue potential this year by:

  • Viewing which merchants and product categories were resonating most with your audience and promoting them more this holiday season
  • Discovering more product lines from your top merchants and promoting them this year

Use this data to further optimize your content monetization strategy and create even more relevant commerce content for your audience this holiday season.

View the Product Bought report here.

Revenue Source Report

The Skimlinks Revenue Source Report is a must-have for any Publisher wanting to see what activity drives revenue and which channels, platforms and placements perform best.

With 35 columns of actionable data, including 11 UTM parameters and the Skimlinks CustomID, you can track exactly where each sale comes from, and get the insights you need to optimize your content distribution and grow your revenue this holiday season.

The report includes details on each order driven through your content. To name a few:

  • Date
  • Merchant & Merchant ID
  • Link
  • Page
  • Custom ID
  • Domain & Domain ID
  • Click Date
  • Browser, Device & OS
  • Country
  • Sales, Order Value & Total Revenue

You can also view specific details on where that order has come from through a number of Page and Link UTM parameters.

The Custom ID lets Publishers track the performance of their content or campaigns. You can use the Custom ID to report on:

  • Author name or ID
  • Unique ID
  • Your own Product Vertical or Content Categorization
  • Channel

Click here to find out more about how to set up the CustomID.

View the Revenue Source Report here.

Evergreen Report

Looking for an easy way to generate more revenue from your existing content this holiday season? The Evergreen Report helps you to easily identify and optimize evergreen articles to ensure continued revenue growth.

Publishers can see and take action at an individual article level with:

  • Page URL for the Evergreen article
  • The date the article was first clicked
  • Revenue the article generates in a typical week
  • Revenue the article has generated over the past 7 days
  • The percentage increase or decrease in revenue over the past 7 days versus a typical week
  • Link to the Page report, to see which links are generating revenue or need to be optimized
  • Link to the Revenue by Date report, to see more detail on how the article has performed over a set time period

Where publishers see an increase in revenue over the past 7 days, we recommend that you amplify the article. If it resonates with your audience, promote it across more of your channels, including social media, email and homepage slots, to increase the revenue potential even further.

View the Evergreen Report here.

Merchant Report

Amplify your holiday season performance by featuring merchants that brought you the most revenue last year. Select the date range in the top filter and see which merchants were performing best by:

  • Sales
  • Conversion rate
  • Order value
  • Commission rate
  • EPC
  • Revenue

By using the filter next to the merchant name, Publishers can drill down even further to view:

  • The pages where the merchant performed best
  • The merchant links that are bringing in the most revenue
  • The countries where the merchant is performing best

View the Merchant Report here.

Country Report

How is your commerce content performing across the world? The Country Report can help you find out.

For each country where readers are consuming your Commerce Content, Publishers can see:

  • How many clicks they receive
  • How many sales they generate
  • Conversion rate
  • Order Value
  • Revenue generated in each country

And while those top line results are already insightful, we want to provide you with greater granularity for each country. Using the filter next to the country name, Publishers can then drill down to see:

  • Which pages are performing in a specific country
  • Which links are performing the best in a specific country
  • Which merchants are consumers engaging with in a specific country

Use this report during the holiday season to tap into potential new markets and unlock new revenue streams from consumers who love your content.

View the Country Report here.

We hope that you find these reports useful for supporting your Holiday Season commerce content strategy. Head over to the Publisher Hub now to explore more before the busy shopping period begins.
Next up, we will cover how to find new merchants to feature in your commerce content during the holiday season. See you soon!

Not working with Skimlinks yet? Sign up here to get started and gain access to all these reports and more now.

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