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How Skimlinks publishers can best use products we’ve launched during the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 4 years ago by Helena Kohl

Throughout this crisis we’ve launched products and initiatives designed to protect publishers’ affiliate revenue and encourage retailers’ online sales. Here’s how to make the most of the new features: 

Revenue at Risk Report

An early new feature was the Revenue at Risk Report. The report highlights any merchants with inactive programs and recommends alternative merchants publishers can link to. 

Publishers can use it to understand the impact of any changes, using actionable insights in the report, such as the volume of clicks sent to inactive merchant sites over the past 90 days. They can then use alternative recommendations to redirect traffic to active merchants and safeguard their commerce revenue. 

You can start using it in the Skimlinks Publisher Hub here

Give-Back Initiative

Merchants in our 48,500 strong network have been keen to play their part in the global response. Many have made and continue to make donations, while others have pivoted production to manufacture essential items and protective equipment. 

Publishers can use our Give-Back Initiative to give those merchants exposure, inform readers on the work they’re doing and help support the global response to the pandemic. 

Give-Back Merchants are highlighted in the Publisher Hub via the Merchant Search tool and Merchant Profile pages, in our Editor Toolbar Chrome extension, and in our weekly newsletters. 

Publisher Newsletters

We have plenty of insights to share to help publishers best inform their readers at their time. 

That’s why early on we increased the number of newsletters we offer to publishers and how frequently we send them. 

We have multiple weekly newsletters across the US, Europe and APAC. They cover topics from content inspiration, to the latest offers, to changes to affiliate programs (and who you can write about instead).

Our Insights and Marketing teams work together to identify top products and trending content themes you can use to power quality commerce content creation. 

So head to the Publisher Hub and start making the most of them now.

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