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How to attract 500k+ traffic to your website this Black Friday

Posted 2 years ago by Angelique Parungao

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, compared to November 2020, retail spending increased by 8.5% in November 2021, thanks to Black Friday sales. In the same year, during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday period, spending also jumped by 22.8%.

Based on estimates, Australians spent $8 billion during Black Friday and Cyber Monday in 2021, proving that these days have become significant shopping events.

Here at Skimlinks, we found a 50% increase in total sales among our merchant network compared to the previous year’s Black Friday period. 


So what makes Black Friday and Cyber Monday appealing?

These shopping events offer shoppers huge savings, which are all the more attractive amid rising prices and unexpected inflation. Australian retailers offer discounts between 25%-30% during these events, compared with the global average discount of 24% across industries. 

And because of that, Australians really take advantage of these savings, as nearly half (45%) are looking for bargains and stores offering discounts.

With inflation and increasing costs of living, Black Friday provides shoppers with the best bargains possible. An average 54% discount across Australian retailers, with some shops offering as much as 70-80% during this event.

Black Friday by the numbers


With online shopping continuing to rise in 2022 and over 5+ million Australian households shopping online, shoppers are looking to find the best deals before they make their purchases


The Black Friday Traffic

Traffic starts building at the beginning of November with retailers announcing promotions to hype shoppers for holiday shopping. This gradually increases significantly 10 days before Black Friday. Interest also continues to grow throughout the week before the main event. 

The shopping peak continues through Cyber Monday. Publishers can use this time to continue to promote content through the weekend. This is also a good opportunity to introduce Cyber Monday articles early to attract readers.


What should you write about

Articles in the following format were the best performers last year readers:

Black Friday best article formats

Here are the top verticals and corresponding best-performing merchants:

Top verticals and merchants

Publisher content checklist

Useful resources:

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