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Ideas to inspire St. Patrick’s Day commerce content

Posted 5 years ago by Angus Quinn

It’s the feast day of the foremost patron saint of Ireland and an excuse to sprinkle shamrocks everywhere.

And on top of that, St Patrick’s Day has also become an ecommerce opportunity for publishers around the world, with almost $6 billion spent last year according to the NRF. There are also weekend long celebrations in London and cities around the UK, so British publishers have an opportunity to seize here too.

Like other holidays throughout the year, St Patrick’s day lends itself to commerce content and we have a few ideas from our publishers we think you can rework for your audience.

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So read on and find out our recommendations for killer St Patrick’s Day commerce content:

  1. A picture (gallery) for St Patrick

This post from Seventeen shows the power of pictures. Picture or photo galleries make for economical editorial, they need less content than normal posts, and are a good way to cover off a broad swathe of products. When they’re used for price comparison for similar products from different brands, they also have big commercial implications too: Skimlinks publishers that feature price comparison shopping galleries in their content can see their earnings-per-click (EPC) increase by as much as 59%.

2) Events and experiences

St Patrick’s is a participation holiday. Whether you spend it looking at the dyed green river in Chicago, or splattered in shamrocks swigging guiness in a London square, everyone’s welcome to party the day away. So recommendations on where to spend the day, or the top experiences to take part in can be a big money maker, especially if you know your stuff about crafting the best day out. This TimeOut article is a great example of evergreen content too. It was published a year ago, but because the URL doesn’t use a time, it can be used over and over again to promote events each year, as long as the links in it are updated.

3) Decorations

Where there are people throwing parties, there are people who need decorations for parties. And like any good party holiday, St Patrick’s has a wealth of decorations available for discerning party throwers everywhere to take advantage of. For publishers that means there’s an opportunity to inspire people looking to achieve that effortless emerald isle effect in their own homes. DIY posts also perform well, like this example from CountryLiving, which simply links to products people could buy and provides tutorials. A lot of parents look for online inspiration for activities with their kids, and content like this is a great way to appeal to them.

4) Fashion, darling

Green is not everyone’s colour and shamrocks don’t suit every situation. But for people that want to partake in St Patrick’s celebration, without parting with their fashion sense, there’s definitely a gap for fashion commerce content linked to the holiday. This post from (Hearst’s dedicated commerce brand) is a great example of how to capitalize on the holiday and tweak commerce content you already have success with.

5) Fancy Dress

Because for some people green suits just fine and they want to be swimming in shamrocks! And for them, this post from the Mirror is packed with great ideas for how to make the most of the holiday: from tattoo sleeves, to nail art and loo-roll leprechaun hats, there’s plenty of ideas here. And with millions of people around the world spilling out onto the street for parties, there’s plenty of appetite for fancy dress and that means a clear commerce opportunity for publishers.  

So there’s our festive ideas for St Patrick’s day the most festive of holidays! Once you know what you want to write about, check out our merchant pages and pick out the merchants you want to work with.

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