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New features to help Publishers grow Commerce revenue through the COVID-19 crisis

Posted 4 years ago by Alannah Trew

The crisis is redealing the cards for online retailers, and we want to provide publishers with new tools to help them protect their commerce revenue.

While our goal is ultimately to be able to send every single click dynamically to whichever program will drive the best experience and highest payout for a given product, we have already released several key features that will have a direct impact on content publishers’ revenue:

  • Revenue at risk report highlighting all the clicks going to newly inactive merchant programs, allowing publishers to update links to revenue generating merchants
  • More than 1,000 new merchants added to the platform – including dozens with a Give Back program
  • Dynamic optimization of yield on commerce traffic to ensure publishers are rewarded with the highest EPC available in the market

See which of your revenue is at risk

Some merchants have had to deactivate their programs due to the impact of COVID-19. This negatively impacts publisher revenue.

We have launched the Revenue at Risk Report, to highlight in a single report, all paused merchants as well as the volume of un-monetised clicks they drive. The report is updated once a day with the latest information we receive and will soon be improved with suggestion of active alternative merchants

A link in the new report leads directly to the page report to easily identify which articles need to be updated to have the biggest return.

Over 1,000 new merchants now available through Skimlinks

Over 1,000 new merchants are now available in our platform. These new merchants cover top performing verticals including Fashion & Beauty, Health & Fitness, Technology, Home Improvement, Food & Drink, Pet Supplies and even Love & Dating. There’s something for everyone having to go through lockdown.

Amongst our 48,500 merchants, there are many amazing companies supporting their community. We have highlighted them as Give Back merchants across the Skimlinks platform and publishers can find them using our merchant search. Merchants can submit their Give Back program details here if they want to be added to the list.

Automatically generating you more revenue with Dynamic

We are dynamically optimizing commerce traffic so publishers earn the highest possible revenue available from each merchant. Publishers do not need to do anything and there is no impact on the user experience.

Over the past few months, Dynamic optimisation has led to a 50% increase in yield for publishers on eligible merchants

Login to the Publisher Hub to access these new features.

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Why publishers in APAC invest in Commerce content

Support the merchants who are giving back to the community

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