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New Skimlinks tools to power your holiday season success

Posted 7 years ago by Skimlinks

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year and, for most of our clients, the busiest time as well. So as an early Christmas gift, we’ve been hard at work rolling out new functionality and programs for our publishers and merchants to equip you to win this season.

Here are some of the new treats we’ve put under the tree to help make your holidays brighter:

Better ways to collect and communicate seasonal deals

We know how critical offers and deals are to seasonal success, so based on feedback, we’re deploying a new process for making sure we quickly collect offers from merchants, and get them into the hands of publishers that want to write about them.

If you’re a Merchant and have an offer to promote, send them to your Skimlinks Merchant Team AM, or fill out the form here. These seasonal offers will be curated and sent to relevant publishers. Publishes will also see relevant offers when they log into the the Publisher Hub.

Personalized offers for publishers

You can now receive a weekly email summary of deals based on your interests and past engagements with merchants. You can opt-in to these communications using the notification settings in the Publisher Hub.

A fresh take on rate management

We’ve implemented a new, flexible rate management system to help merchants optimize their rate portfolios and drive more revenue. The new system allows merchants to set special, or limited-duration, CPA or CPC rates for publishers based on their:

Content focus (eg Fashion, Business, Technology, etc)
Publisher type (eg editorially driven, user-generated, bloggers, etc)

With these tools you’ll be well placed to take advantage of holiday 2017. Best of luck this holiday season!

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