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20 Pet Affiliate Programs You Can Promote Today

Posted 7 months ago by Adriana Harseva

In the ever-evolving digital marketplace, the pet industry stands out as a  lucrative and heartwarming sector for commerce content. With over 66% of U.S. households (87 million homes) owning a pet, the market for pet products and services has soared to unprecedented heights.  Between 2018 and 2022, the amount spent on pets in the U.S. increased by 51.16% from $90.5 billion to $136.8 billion with the average pet owner spending over $730 a year, according to a Forbes Advisory survey. On Skimlinks you can find dozens of pet merchants, so to make it easier for you, we’ve gathered the 20 best pet affiliate programs across our network.


Chewy is an American online retailer for pet food, pet supplies and prescriptions. The company is a household name across the United States, offering an extensive catalog of over 1,000 beloved brands, catering to a wide array of pets from furry friends to finned companions. The Chewy affiliate program on Skimlinks offers a competitive commission rate and given the broad range of products and essential nature of many of their offerings, the potential for repeated customer purchases is high – this means more steady income for you. Whether your content is dedicated to canines or catered to chameleons, the Chewy affiliate program on Skimlinks will have something for you.

Access the Chewy Affiliate Program here.


NomNom is healthy, fresh, pre-portioned food for dogs formulated by top Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists. There are 4 recipes – Beef Mash, Chicken Cuisine, Pork Potluck and Turkey Fare, all made with clean, whole ingredients with no fillers and no chemicals. All meals are tailored to the dog’s individual needs based on their diet history, breed, age and weight. The growing trend towards human-grade pet food and the convenience of home delivery make NomNom an attractive proposition for consumers, potentially driving up conversion rates from your affiliate links.

Access the NomNom Affiliate Program here.


Renowned for its vast selection and budget-friendly prices, Walmart extends its retail prowess into the pet product realm. Offering an extensive array of pet supplies ranging from food and toys to healthcare and grooming essentials, it is a go-to destination for pet owners seeking variety, value, and convenience. This diversity makes Walmart’s affiliate program a compelling option for those looking to promote a wide range of pet products. Known for its competitive pricing, Walmart appeals to a broad customer base, particularly budget-conscious shoppers, increasing the likelihood of frequent purchases, making it an excellent choice to include in your commerce content.
The Walmart affiliate program is available in the United States, Canada and more. 

Access the Walmart Affiliate Program here.


PetCo is a one-stop-shop for pet essentials with an affiliate program available in the United States. PetCo’s extensive product lineup includes everything from specialty pet foods and stylish accessories to health and wellness products, which translates to a vast array of items you can promote to pet enthusiasts of all stripes. With the PetCo Foundation, they help over 4,000 animal welfare groups, further aligning with the values of animal lovers. The brand offers regular sales, coupons, and loyalty program offers – with 35% off for repeat purchases.

Access PetCo affiliate program.

Ollie Pets

Ollie Pets is a dog food affiliate program available in the US. Ollie is an all natural, 100% human-grade dog food company that tailors meals to dog’s individual needs delivered right to your door! To help drive sales, Ollie regularly provides special intro offers and discounts that affiliates can share with their audience, increasing the likelihood of clicks and conversions.

Access Ollie Pets affiliate program.

Wild One

Wild One is an American brand, focused on making beautifully designed, functional pet essentials. They stand out with their mission to create design-forward, innovative products that empower dogs and their people to walk, travel, play, and live in style. The product lineup ranges from walk kits, to carrier bags and beautiful toys to stimulate and entertain your pets. Wild One’s products hit the sweet spot for shareability and visual appeal, making them perfect for promotion on image-centric platforms that can drive high traffic, engagement, and affiliate clicks. With Wild One’s higher price points reflecting the premium quality and design of their products, affiliates can expect lucrative returns. The affiliate program is available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.

Access Wild One affiliate program.


Burrow is a furniture retailer, well-known for revolutionizing the industry with its easy-to-assemble, modular designs, but it’s their paw-friendly approach that’s capturing the hearts of pet owners. Their revolutionary Nomad fabric resists scratches and stains, and can be cleaned with a simple solution of distilled water and bleach (yes, bleach, for real). The secret to this game-changing synthetic fabric is its ultra-tight, claw-resistant weave and non-porous fiber that doesn’t absorb spills. The brand offers a variety of pet-friendly furniture and even pet-friendly rugs (you are welcome, not-yet-potty-trained puppy parents!) Burrow fills a unique niche at the intersection of home decor and pet products, offering a fresh angle for content creators to approach their audience with innovative solutions. The Burrow affiliate program is available in the United States.

Access Burrow affiliate program.


Rover is an online pet care marketplace, offering pet owners a network of five-star pet sitters and dog walkers. As the world’s largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers, Rover connects pet parents with reliable and caring individuals ready to treat their furry friends like family. From dog boarding and house sitting to drop-in visits and doggy daycare, Rover provides a suite of services to ensure pets are well cared for, even when their owners can’t be there. Rover’s wide array of pet care options means there’s a service to promote for every type of pet owner in your audience, whether they’re working professionals in need of daily walks or travelers seeking a loving home-away-from-home for their pets. Rover’s affiliate program offers commissions both on new sign ups and new pet service bookings, which provides multiple streams of income for publishers. Their pet care affiliate program is available in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain and Sweden.

Access the Rover affiliate program here.

Cat Person

Cat Person has a cat food affiliate program available in the United States. Cat Person offers feline-focused products with a clear mission: to celebrate and cater to the unique needs of cats and their owners. From meticulously crafted, whole ingredient meals to thoughtfully designed accessories, Cat Person provides a suite of products that stand out in a dog-dominated pet market. Their dedication to quality and understanding of what truly makes cats tick (and purr) positions them as a premium choice for cat owners seeking the best for their whiskered companions. By focusing solely on cats, Cat Person’s affiliate program allows you to target a specific segment of the pet owner market, often less saturated and highly dedicated. Cat Person uses trial offers to entice first-time customers and offers subscription services, both of which are excellent tools for affiliates to attract conversions and earn from ongoing customer relationships.

Access Cat Person affiliate program here. 


Litter-Robot redefines cat care with its innovative self-cleaning litter boxes. Engineered for convenience, these automated systems maintain a consistently clean environment, reducing the daily hassle of litter box maintenance. As a specialized product in the pet care market, Litter-Robot stands out with little competition in its specific niche, making it an attractive and unique offering for any audience of cat-lovers. The premium nature of Litter-Robot means a higher price point, which translates into more substantial commissions for each sale generated through your affiliate links. The Litter-Robot affiliate program is available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Access the Litter Robot Affiliate Program here.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer’s Dog goes beyond traditional pet food, delivering fresh, human-grade meals tailored to your dog’s unique nutritional needs. Vet-designed recipes prioritize health, and personalized meal plans ensure your canine companion receives the best in both taste and nutrition. The brand often provides enticing introductory offers, making it easier for potential customers to try their service. This can lead to higher conversion rates from your referrals, making The Farmers’s Dog’s affiliate program an excellent choice to promote today. The affiliate program is available in the United States.

Access The Farmer’s Dog Affiliate Program here.


PetPlate is the only black-owned dog food company in the US, founded by Renaldo Webb. His dog Winston got diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, Webb searched high and low for foods that won’t aggravate his stomach. Disappointed with his findings, he started PetPlate in 2016 to offer tailored, gourmet ready-to-eat meals for dogs. Vet-approved and crafted with high-quality ingredients, PetPlate makes pet nutrition convenient and delicious, catering to pet owners who prioritize the well-being of their furry friends. PetPlate has two main categories of food – freshly cooked flavor-packed entrees (they even have venison for the pickiest of eaters) and freshly baked crunchy dry food. Beyond selling meals, PetPlate is committed to educating pet owners on nutritional health, offering a wealth of information that affiliates can use to create value-added content.

Access the PetPlate Affiliate Program here.


The right dog crate offers a comfortable den-like space where a dog can go to feel safe. Diggs recognises this by bringing a fresh perspective to pet products, focusing on innovative, high-quality, and safe solutions for pets and their owners. Known for their revolutionary Revol crate, which reimagines the traditional dog crate into a safer, more stylish, and functional space. The brand appeals to the design-conscious pet owners. Their products are not only meeting any dog’s needs but also fit seamlessly into a modern home décor, tapping into a specific yet growing consumer segment. The premium nature of Diggs’ products means they come with a higher price tag, which could translate into higher commissions per sale for affiliates. The Diggs affiliate program is available in the United States, Canada and Indonesia.

Access the Diggs Affiliate Program here.


PrettyLitter goes beyond traditional cat litter, incorporating health monitoring into its formula.
Their proprietary lightweight silica gel changes color in response to a cat’s urine which helps detect early illness. Dark yellow is the typical range, orange may indicate metabolic acidosis, blue warns for urinary tract infections and red may be a sign of a kidney disease. Beyond its health-monitoring features, Pretty Litter is also lightweight, dust-free, and offers superior odor control. Pretty Litter’s unique selling proposition – its health-monitoring capabilities – sets it apart in the pet care market making it a great choice to stand out in your content. Tapping into the growing market of health-conscious pet owners can also help you increase your sales. The Pretty Litter affiliate program is available in the United States and Canada.

Access the Pretty Litter Affiliate Program here.


Orvis was founded in 1856 by Charles Orvis offering superior fly-fishing equipment, and priding himself on customer satisfaction and service. Today, Orvis is the trusted source of discovery and adventure in the natural world. Once renowned for their high quality fishing gear, the brand now offers an expansive range of products for outdoor enthusiasts, including a comprehensive selection of pet items. Orvis offers a unique combination of products that cater to both outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners. This variety allows affiliates to target a broader audience, including those interested in fishing, hunting, and outdoor adventure, in addition to pet care.

Access the Orvis affiliate program here.


Furbo leads the way in smart pet technology with its interactive dog cameras. Allowing remote monitoring, bark alerts, two-way communication and treat dispensing, Furbo strengthens the bond between pet owners and their dogs, even when they’re miles apart. Furbo’s blend of technology and pet care makes it an appealing product for tech-savvy pet owners looking for peace of mind and a fun way to interact with their pets remotely. With 38% of pet owners using cameras to check on their pets, Furbo presents affiliates with the opportunity to tap into the niche but rapidly expanding market of pet technology. The Furbo Affiliate Program is available in the United States and United Kingdom.

Access Furbo Affiliate Program here.


While famed for being a diverse global marketplace for vintage and handmade items, Etsy is also a treasure trove for pet owners seeking unique items. Their expansive product category features an array of handcrafted pet accessories, custom pet portraits, personalized pet items, and more. The brand provides an excellent opportunity for publishers, bloggers and affiliate marketers to promote unique, artisanal products to pet owners seeking something special. By promoting Etsy, you are promoting small and independent businesses which resonates with many consumers today, especially those looking for more meaningful, sustainable purchases.

Access the Etsy Affiliate Program here.

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