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Prepare for the Holiday Season with the Skimlinks Publisher Checklist

Posted 3 years ago by Monika Lescevska

With only 6 weeks left till one the biggest e-commerce event of the year, we want to make sure that Publishers are set up to maximise all potential revenue opportunities. 

During the 2020 Holiday Shopping season, we saw a 60% year-on-year growth in Black Friday traffic, and with that figure expected to grow this year, we’ve put together a checklist for Publishers to make sure they make the most of this key shopping period. 

Install the JavaScript

The easiest way for publishers to automatically monetise their commerce content is by transforming links into affiliate links by installing the Skimlinks JavaScript on their site. The JavaScript is trusted by 60,000 publishers across the globe and does not impact the page load nor user experience.  

Install the JavaScript here.

Editor Toolbar

Make sure that everyone who will be producing commerce content for the holiday period has the Skimlinks Editor Toolbar installed.

Publishers can view if a merchant has an affiliate program directly on Google Search results, without having to navigate away from the Merchant’s website and login to any other system. Publishers can also create short affiliate links to use in social media, newsletters and even print, and generate revenue from all touchpoints!

As pictured below, a blue Skimlinks logo signifies that the merchant has an affiliate program in the country where you are based, while a grey Skimlinks logo signifies that the merchant has an affiliate program outside the country where you are based. 

Download the Editor Toolbar here

Dynamic Link Optimization

As global supply chain issues are predicted to impact the holiday shopping season, it’s important for publishers to receive maximum revenue for every link they create and offer the best-in-class reader experience.  

Enable Dynamic Link Optimization to drive incremental revenue by optimizing out of stock, 404 and inactive merchant links. Dynamic Link Optimization automatically redirects your readers to the home page or category page for that merchant, or an alternative merchant with an affiliate program if the original link is broken.  

The Skimlinks JavaScript must be installed before turning on the Dynamic Link Optimization.  

Turn on Dynamic Link Optimization here. 

Product Bought Report

The Skimlinks Product Bought Report will show you which products your readers have actually bought from clicking through your commerce content. You will be able to see: 

  • The specific product your readers have bought on the website, even if the product is different to the initial product they clicked on 
  • Which merchant the products were bought from and the quantity bought 

Make sure to cover these products or similar products in your Black Friday content to maximise revenue opportunities.  

Access Product Bought Report here.  

Country Report

Are you generating revenue from a country outside of your key markets? The Skimlinks Country Report will provide you with insights into where your readers are consuming your content, which merchants they are buying from, and how much revenue they have generated in those markets.  

Publishers should use the Country Report to target a new market with relevant content during this key shopping period.  

Access the Country Report here.  

Merchant Search Filters

Tailor your Merchant Search Results to find merchants that resonate with your audience. You can filter to view merchants that provide Exclusive rates which have been negotiated by Skimlinks, or Preferred rates which are typically higher than average commissions and increase your revenue potential.  

You can also filter merchants who Give Back to the community, are Female-Founded, BIPOC-owned, DTC merchants, or New merchants who have been added to the Skimlinks network in the last 30 days. 

Access Merchant Search here. 

Keep updated on what’s performing well on the day

To make sure that you’re all set up for success on the day of Black Friday, publishers should utilize the following Skimlinks reports to see what their readers are purchasing in real-time, and optimize their content accordingly.

Real-Time Clicks Report

The Skimlinks Real-Time Clicks Report is updated every 15 minutes, making it our most popular report on Black Friday. Publishers can quickly see which content their audience is engaged with in real-time through insights into the pages, links, and merchants their readers are clicking on. 

During Black Friday, Publishers can use these insights to change the order of product listings in articles, to ensure that the high performing products are at the top, and remove the links which aren’t performing well. 

Access the Real-Time Clicks Report here. 

Trending Products Report

The Skimlinks Trending Products Report shows which products are trending across the Skimlinks network that you are not yet writing about.  

It’s a great way for Publishers to discover and feature products which have generated the most clicks and sales for other Publishers across the Skimlinks network.  

Access the Trending Products Report here.  


We are certain that using all these great products and features, Publishers will be fully equipped to capture all revenue opportunities during Black Friday and beyond.  

For Publishers not working with Skimlinks who want access to all these fantastic products and features, sign up here 


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