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Singles’ Day Insights 2022

Posted 2 years ago by Naomi Kono

NOVEMBER 23 2022 – Bangkok – Skimlinks saw strong growth trends across APAC and more this year on Singles’ Day, despite the slow growth in China due to multiple factors including global economic uncertainty as well as the political climate. Here’s a brief round-up for Singles’ Day 2022 performance in our Network.

Clicks increased by 913% on Singles’ Day since 1 November

This year, we witnessed over 3 million clicks in Skimlinks’ Network globally. We started to see a lift in clicks on Skimlinks Network as early as mid-October for Singles’ Day articles. This indicates that starting to promote the event early drives more attention from the audience.

2022 Singles’ Day Clicks in Skimlinks Network

Specifically, in APAC, the uplift in commercial metrics from 10 to 11 November proved that Publishers partnered with Skimlinks, were able to capitalize on the momentum of the event.

  • Publisher Commission : + 64.4%
  • Order Value : + 150.7%
  • Earning Per Click : + 69.0%
  • Sales Total: + 108.3%

Over one third of Publisher Commissions were generated from APAC for Singles’ Day

Continuing from last year, publishers in APAC have once again seized the opportunity of the largest shopping extravaganza in the world. One-third of the global total of Publisher Commissions with Singles’ Day articles were generated in APAC. Among all the APAC countries, Hong Kong and Singapore led the field this year with high performance in both markets.

The success of Singles’ Day has enabled it to go global more than ever. Brands started seeing Singles’ Day as a significant shopping event in the United States in addition to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Comparison and Deals articles attracted consumers

Over three-quarters (76%)  of Singles’ Day articles were Comparison articles, followed by Deals (21%) and Review (3%). Here are some of the top-performing articles this year.

In the U.S. where Singles’ Day is still a relatively new concept, publishers succeeded in generating traffic with articles that capitalise on readers’ shopping fever, by comparing Singles’ Day with other upcoming shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Singles Day Sales Might Be Bigger Than Black Friday – & They Start NowTop Singles’ Day Articles 2022

When it comes to markets where the Singles’ Day phenomenon is mature, such as Hong Kong, publishers promoted competitive deals which official brand websites offer against Taobao and and successfully generated high commissions during Singles’ Day.

Double 11 2022|Adidas Official Network 7 Days Fast Flash Low To 15 Folds + 9 Full Specified Amounts! Ultraboost 21 up to $600

Top Singles’ Day Articles 2022

2022 Top performing categories, merchants and products across APAC

The following table shows the top Singles’ Day categories and merchants that generated the highest publisher commissions across APAC. It also showed the day-to-day uplift percentage of Average Order Value from 10 November to 11 November. Among all categories, Sex Toys and Department store categories recorded strong uplifts on the actual Singles’ Day. 

Day-to-day uplift % of Average Order Value from 10 November to 11 November

Average order value uplift from 10 and 11 November

Top merchants include a mix of local and international brands and marketplaces as consumers in APAC shop through both; with LELO, Adidas, Alo Yoga, Dyson, iHerb, Lazada, Shopee among top performers during Singles’ Day. Brands who are looking for cross-border opportunities increasingly participate in this global online shopping festival every year. The products that received the most attention and generated higher sales at this year’s Singles’ Day event included SILA from LELO, ULTRABOOST 22 from Adidas, 7/8 HIGH-WAIST AIRLIFT LEGGING from Alo Yoga, and Apple 14-inch MacBook Pro from Shopee.

Consumers are purchasing on mobile more than ever

We saw 60% of sales happen on mobile, followed by 38% on desktop and 2% on tablet across APAC. Although publishers did see higher commissions from desktop (53%) than mobile (45%), mobile continues to grow and mobile optimization will be key to seize the full opportunity.

Enhanced Reporting in time for the Holiday Season

We have recently made improvements in the Publisher Hub that can help you find more actionable data during the busy holiday season. Utilize Comparative Reporting to compare your performance on upcoming holiday shopping events (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and more!) with Singles’ Day to identify which shopping event drives you the most profit this year and revise your commerce content strategy for the next year.

New from Skimlinks: Enhanced Reporting in time for the Holiday Season

Calendar for Public Holidays and key shopping events in Singapore

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