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Singles’ Day Insights 2023

Posted 8 months ago by Naomi Kono

Skimlinks observed strong growth trends across APAC and more this year on Singles’ Day. Here’s a brief round-up of Singles’ Day 2023 performance in our network.

Clicks increased by 1,117% on Singles’ Day since 1 November

This year, in Skimlinks’ Network, we witnessed over 3 million clicks globally on the event day itself. We noticed a rise in clicks on the Skimlinks Network starting from mid-October, particularly in response to Singles’ Day articles. Numerous merchants seized the opportunity for pre-sales before the actual event, causing the traffic surge to start earlier each year.

In the APAC region, the analysis of commercial metrics comparing data from November 21st to 31st against that of November 1st to 11th, 2023, demonstrated that partnering with Skimlinks empowered publishers to leverage the momentum of the event.

SD Traffic trend 2023


SD2023 PM

From November 1 to November 11, 2023, notable year-over-year growth was observed in several APAC countries.

SD2023 PM2

2023 Top performing categories, merchants and products across APAC

The table below presents the leading Singles’ Day categories and merchants, showcasing the highest publisher commissions generated from November 1st to November 11th, along with the corresponding uplift percentages in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore.

The divergent trends in the top-performing verticals of Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan paint a vivid picture this year. Singapore thrives on electronics, the marketplace, travel accessories, and sports and fitness, showcasing sought-after items such as laptops, the latest smartphones, vacuum cleaners, suitcases, and wearable sports outfits. Conversely, Hong Kong and Taiwan prioritize the elegance of sports apparel, the opulence of travel, nourishing healthy foods, and electronics and mobile accessories. This includes a range of offerings such as yoga wear, 5-star hotel buffets, probiotic supplements, and various mobile accessories. The eclectic assortment of popular products mirrors the distinct market dynamics prevalent in various regions. In Hong Kong and Taiwan, supremacy is claimed by Direct-to-C merchants, whereas in Singapore, the market is predominantly ruled by major marketplaces and online department stores.

TPV for HK, TW 2023 SD

TPV for SG 2023 SD

Best Practice from Singles’ Day Articles

The following highlights successful commerce content that generates higher publisher commissions on Singles’ Day. Roundup articles showcasing multiple merchants, along with exclusive discount codes, constitute the ideal formula for achieving peak performance on this significant event day.

Last chance! Lululemon’s official website has a limited-time discount of 49% off during Double 11 | Hong Kong

Best 11.11 sale picks: Lazada, Shopee, Samsung, Apple and more | Singapore

Nike Double 11 flash sale starts without warning! Discounts on over 100 pairs of sneakers “Up to 40% off” | Taiwan

Explore the third article, a prime illustration from the Skimlinks Editorial Network. Our in-house editorial team can help you scale your affiliate revenue -without a dedicated commerce editorial team of your own- by producing evergreen or deals content for you around high-converting verticals such as fashion or technology. For further details, explore our blog posts (Part 1 / Part 2 ) or reach out to your respective Account Managers.

SD Article examples

Enhanced Reporting in time for the Holiday Season

During key shopping events including Singles’ Day, a lot can happen during the day. Products can go out of stock, items that you haven’t written about yet can be trending across the network, or you might want to analyze click sources for your commerce content.

The following reports in the Publisher Hub can assist you with this:

  • The Broken Links Report tracks out-of-stock or 404 links, helping you update your links to keep generating revenue.
  • In the Trending Products Report, you can identify trending products across the Skimlinks network that you’re not yet writing about.
  • The Real Time Clicks Report shows which pages, links and merchants generate clicks (updated every 15 minutes) allowing you to quickly optimize and promote your content, increasing your revenue potential this season.


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