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Skimlinks 2018 Tl;dr: Best year ever

Posted 5 years ago by Seb Blanc

I am incredibly proud of what the team achieved last year.

Where to start? Q4 18 was our best quarter ever revenue-wise, signing up some of the largest publishers in the world (Yahoo, Discovery, Advance Local, Express, etc.), getting 100% customer satisfaction rate and 100% uptime through the 2-week-long busiest and biggest Black Friday ever, increasing our enterprise NPS from 7 to 48 in less than 8 months and improving the quality of our data and platform by successfully implementing the most innovative cloud technologies available: Kubernetes, Big Query, PubSub, etc.

These are all, without any doubt, great examples.

But the reason 2018 is so special is that for the first time in its 11-year history, through the hard work and discipline of the entire team, Skimlinks has turned into a profitable company, jumping from loss making to double-digit EBITDA in less than 9 months, while still growing and driving tens of millions of dollars to content publishers.

What better way to guarantee to all our customers that we are a partner for the long term, dedicated to growing their commerce revenue, not just over the next quarter, but over the next decade?

I am also incredibly proud to announce some changes in our management team:

  • Lauren Newman joins Skimlinks as VP, Revenue US. Lauren is a veteran of the publisher space. She’s led 9-digit-revenue business units at household publishers like Meredith, Time Inc and Conde Nast, brings incredible industry knowledge and contacts, as well as the can do cultural outlook that allows Skimlinks to succeed. She will be a great addition to the management team and will help Skimlinks provide great support (ie. growth) to all our US-based enterprise publishers and advertisers.
  • Having done a terrific job at growing key global enterprise publishers and acquiring new ones, Dunia Silan becomes VP, Revenue EMEA & APAC and will focus on growth in EMEA. She will continue to forge stronger relationships with affiliate networks globally as well as use her experience of Australia and Asia-Pacific to build our presence in this fast growing market.
  • Matt Pivard, employee #1 of Skimlinks, becomes VP, Product, after he built our platform and, more recently, led our publisher line of products.
Lauren Newman joins as VP, Revenue US, Dunia Silan becomes VP, Revenue EMEA & APAC and Matt Pivard becomes VP, Product

These new changes come after a hiring and promotions spree in 2018: Tamas Szikszai, employee #3 of Skimlinks, stepped up to run our London engineering hub, JC Gombeaud, ex-Yahoo! and ex-L’Express, joined us as VP Marketing, Shane Roberts, ex Commerce Editor at Gizmodo joined us as Chief Editor and Radek Maciaszek, in his second stint at Skimlinks, joined us as Chief Architect.

2018 was great. 2019 will be even better!

Sebastien Blanc – CEO, Skimlinks

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