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Skimlinks continues to help Publishers protect and grow their revenue

Posted 4 years ago by Alannah Trew

We launched the Revenue at Risk report a few weeks ago to notify Publishers of changes to Merchant programs.

We’ve had great feedback on how useful this report has been and we are happy to share with you enhancements we’ve made to provide Publishers with additional insights and actionable data.

Estimated Revenue Impact

A new column has been added that shows an estimate of the revenue impact publishers might have for merchants whose programs become inactive or at risk.

The revenue estimate is a calculation based on clicks and EPC of inactive or at risk programs over the previous 7 day period. It is unique to each publisher. This estimate can be viewed at a top level for the Publisher and then split out by individual domain through the domain selector.

Program Status

Merchants make changes for different reasons and our priority is to ensure publishers continue to earn commision when they link to brands. For that reason we’ve introduced more information on program status, to highlight where a merchant is at risk and where a merchant is inactive.

Inactive – this merchant no longer has an active affiliate program running and Publishers will no longer generate revenue from this merchant. Publishers should swap their links for alternative merchants.

Merchant at Risk – this merchant has provided us with notification that they are making a change to their program. The changes include paused program, 0% CPA and potential bankruptcy. Where you see a Merchant at Risk, there is a high possibility that you will no longer be able to generate revenue from that merchant and we recommend you consider swapping your links to continue generating revenue.

Alternative Merchants

We’ve also added a list of alternative merchants with a similar offering where programs have become inactive or at risk.

To see the details of the alternative merchant suggested, click on the merchants’ name to view their profile and all program details, including commission rates, conditions, average conversion rate and average basket size.

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