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Skimlinks launches first-to-market AMP integration

Posted 6 years ago by Alannah Trew

Skimlinks has launched a seamless AMP integration which allows publishers to easily monetize commerce links in AMP articles.

As market leaders, our focus is on developing products that will allow Publishers to increase the revenue they generate from their commerce content and be less dependant on display ads. Which is why we are excited to be first-to-market with an AMP integration that delivers a solution for problem that many publishers have.

From our Platform data we see that there is a huge opportunity for publishers to increase the revenue they get from mobile traffic: 59% of impressions in our network come from mobile but only 33% of revenue publishers generate is from mobile.

The AMP code only needs to be installed once. Then there is nothing else to do. No manual workarounds, no specific maintenance needed to monetize content. The Skimlinks AMP integration will automatically affiliate commerce content across all your AMP articles.

All Skimlinks publishers can now install the AMP integration code on their site, to immediately start driving incremental revenue from AMP articles.

Please note: The Skimlinks AMP code is available for publishers to install now, however as a BETA product, we recommend you QA test within your environment before you push the code live.

A little overview on AMP
AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and it is an open source program from Google aimed at making a “better, faster mobile internet”. It means users coming from search pages being shown web pages in essentially no time. This happens because a large portion of the page’s original content can be stripped away and the page is optimised for mobile.

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