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How Sustainably Chic scales their commerce content strategy

Posted 1 year ago by Tyra Brown

Because fashion can exist responsibly, we were given the pleasure of speaking to the creator of Sustainably Chic, Natalie, who is passionate about sustainable fashion and living. 

In business, transparency is vital, which is why Natalie shared her affiliate marketing wisdom with us. Here we delve into the development of Sustainably Chic’s commerce content strategy and how, as an affiliate marketing partner, Skimlinks plays a part in scaling their revenue. 

What does your commerce content strategy look like?

Sustainably Chic is an online resource for sustainable fashion, green beauty & eco-lifestyle. Our posts are catered to the many questions and search inquiries people have for these niche topics. Shopping guides are among the most popular of our posts, which is an easy way to add affiliate links. 

How has your strategy developed from when you first started affiliate marketing until now? 

We can tell a lot about the success of a merchant and how it resonates with viewers based on the number of clicks and sales. We generally rank merchants based on those numbers when updating old posts or adding new ones. 

Of course, other factors are associated with how we place merchants in a post, but it takes many hours a day to create these posts and work on the site. So, naturally, we want them to perform well in views and income. 

How have you seen blogs develop over the years? What direction do you see it going? 

You see a lot more blogs using affiliate marketing today. Almost every link you click on has the potential to generate income. I think we will see more of it as the years go on. Personally, I prefer having an affiliate link to a merchant I genuinely like rather than random ads placed all over my site. 

How did you start affiliate marketing?

I started using affiliate marketing a year or so into having the blog. This was about 8 years ago, and most merchants I wrote about didn’t even have a program. 

Today, most merchants know that it is a very important part of their business. As someone who has advocated for fair wages for a decade, I only think it is reasonable that if a merchant approaches you and wants you to create content, they should give you monetary compensation – either a sponsorship or an affiliate agreement. With that being said, we still write about many merchants we think are doing amazing, unique things where we don’t benefit financially. 

What were you looking for in a partner and why did you choose Skimlinks? 

I love the ease of Skimlinks. We support many merchants that use the platform, and not having to create specific links is a huge time saver for us. 

Do you have any tips for anyone who wants to start affiliate marketing?

My first tip would be to apply to Skimlinks and add their code to your site. You may be surprised at how many merchants you already have on there that are using this platform. 

From there, look at your performance to see how you can change posts to showcase the merchant resonating more with your audience. 

If one merchant gets more clicks than another, I will focus on putting them toward the top of the post. There is a good reason they are receiving more clicks. And even though it isn’t always about making the most money, typically, more clicks lead to more sales, so it’s a win for all. 

Thank you, Natalie, for your insight into how Sustainably Chic has adopted affiliate marketing into its commerce content strategy.

If you’re new to affiliate marketing or looking to get into it, consider this expert advice in your affiliate marketing journey!

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