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Measure your mobile impact: Get actionable insights from your AMP articles

Posted 5 years ago by Alannah Trew

Publishers must have detailed performance insights to understand the performance of their commerce content strategy and to continually improve this key revenue stream.

Skimlinks has released the first in a series of enhancements to the Publisher Hub, that will allow Publishers to access more detailed reports.

We have released a new filter on the Performance reports, that enables Publishers who use our Skimlinks AMP script to separate the performance of the commerce content articles they publish on AMP from their other channels.

The Skimlinks AMP script automatically monetizes AMP articles across hundreds of domains worldwide

New AMP Filter in the Publisher Hub

The next time you log into the Publisher Hub, you’ll see a filter at the top of the Performance Reports that gives you the option to filter by:

  • AMP Only
  • Exclude AMP
  • All Performance

The filter can be applied across the following performance reports:

  • By Date
  • By Merchant
  • By Page
  • By Link
  • By Site
  • By Device

The filter works for Publishers who have installed the automated Skimlinks AMP script, for Publishers using LinkWrapper or another manual solution to monetize AMP articles, we cannot break your AMP performance out separately and it will be consolidated under the All Performance filter.

Publishers not yet automatically monetizing their AMP articles can access the Skimlinks AMP script in the Settings Tab of the Publisher Hub.

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