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Get Q4-Ready: The Tech Publishers Need for the Holiday Season

Posted 2 years ago by Alannah Trew

Q4 is just around the corner – and that means that key e-commerce events like Black Friday and Singles’ Day are too.

Here at Skimlinks, we want to make sure Publishers are ready to maximize all the revenue opportunities the holiday season brings. That’s why we’re creating a four-part blog series to help Publishers use our tools and features to make the most of this key shopping period.

Up first, we’re covering the tools that we recommend Publishers install and get familiar with now. This will help Publishers be ready to optimize their commerce content when Q4 and the busy shopping period arrives.

1. Install the JavaScript

The Skimlinks JavaScript automatically turns Publishers’ website links into affiliate links, making it easy for them to drive revenue from their commerce content.

Trusted by over 60,000 publishers around the world, the JavaScript is a simple way to save time by removing the need to manually hardcode affiliate links.

As well as being streamlining Editors’ workflows, installing the JavaScript also means:
Publishers earn revenue on the total basket value, not just the product being promoted
It’s not just new links that are automatically monetized, but existing links too
Page load time and user experience are not impacted

Install the JavaScript here.

2. Download the Editor Toolbar

An easy-to-use chrome extension (and every Editor’s best friend), the Editor Toolbar is a must-have tool for anyone creating commerce content in Q4.

Installing the Toolbar lets Publishers see if a merchant has an affiliate program right from the Google Search results page.

As shown below, a blue Skimlinks logo appears beside merchants with affiliate programs in the country where the Publisher is based. A gray Skimlinks logo means that the merchant has an affiliate program outside the Publisher’s country. To see full commission details, Publishers can simply click through to the merchant’s site.

Publishers can also use the Editor Toolbar to generate shortened affiliate links that can be used in social media posts, newsletters, print and more – creating extra opportunities to monetize their content.

Download the Editor Toolbar here. Please note, you’ll need to be on a Google Chrome browser.

3. Enable Dynamic Link Optimization

Looking for an easy way to earn more from commerce content this holiday season? Dynamic Link Optimization helps Publishers drive incremental revenue by optimizing out-of-stock, 404 and inactive merchant links.

When a Publisher enables the tool, their readers are automatically redirected to the home page or category page for the merchant, or to an alternative merchant with an affiliate program, if the original link is broken.

Enable Dynamic Link Optimization here. Please note that out-of-stock and inactive merchant link optimization is available in the US only, and the Skimlinks JavaScript must be installed before switching on Dynamic Link Optimization.

4. Install the AMP Integration

Did you know? Our top-earning Publishers with the AMP Integration drive 15-20% of their total commission via AMP articles.

The Skimlinks AMP Integration automatically affiliates your commerce content across all of your AMP articles, allowing Publishers to generate revenue from their AMP content.

Implementing our AMP Integration alongside the JavaScript gives Publishers one solution across their domains and gives them access to all their commission data in one place.

Install the AMP Integration here.

We hope that Publishers find these tools useful for supporting their Holiday Season commerce content strategy. And by getting started with installing the tech now, Publishers will be equipped to make the most of all revenue opportunities throughout Q4.

Not yet working with Skimlinks? Sign up here to get started and gain access to all these tools and so much more.

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