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The latest updates from Skimlinks direct into My Feed

Posted 4 years ago by Alannah Trew

Feeds have become a part of our everyday lives. They’re where we go for the latest news, to discover new and exciting things and provide inspiration for our daily lives.

Which is why we are excited to launch a great new feature in the Publisher Hub – My Feed.

Like with your social media feeds, this will be the first place to check each day to get news, updates and inspiration on the merchants you care about the most…and the ones who can generate the most revenue for you.

We’ve called it My Feed as the updates, notifications and inspiration you will see are tailored to your individual domains.

Available on the Snapshot page in the Publisher Hub, My Feed is unique to each domain and has launched with three initial notification types:

Merchants that have become at risk due to bankruptcy or program closure

  • A daily notification of any new merchant programs that have become At Risk
  • Easy access to the estimated revenue impact
  • Link through to the Revenue at Risk report to see Alternative Merchants to switch your links to
  • Time saving, as it removes the need to run the Revenue at Risk report daily to monitor changes

Merchants that have recently reactivated their campaigns

  • A daily notification of any merchant who is no longer At Risk
  • Easy access to their Commission Rate, EPC and Conversion Rate
  • Link through to the Merchant Profile page for more details
  • Start linking to these merchants again and feature them in content to increase your revenue

Merchants your competitors are writing about that are generating meaningful revenue

  • Notifications on Monday and Wednesday to help you with merchant discovery
  • See which merchants generate revenue for your competitors, that you don’t write about
  • Easily see their Commission Rate, EPC and Conversion Rate
  • Link through to the Merchant Profile page for more detials

Sharing with your wider team

We’ve made it easy for you to share the notifications with team members who don’t have Publisher Hub access. There is a button on each notification, which allows you to copy the content and share it through your own internal communication channels.

This is just the beginning of what you’ll see in My Feed. We have big plans to provide you with more actionable insights to increase revenue from your Commerce Content.

Log into the Publishers Hub now to access My Feed.

Publishers not working with Skimlinks, sign up here.

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