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The Streaming Opportunity

Posted 1 year ago by Helena Kohl

Streaming has taken center stage in the last decade, fuelled by new user adoption, shifting priorities and cooling markets. In the US, nearly ⅔ of the population will be subscription viewers in 2023. Across the Skimlinks network, Publishers globally have continued to achieve year-over-year growth in terms of commission, traffic and EPC on their streaming content.

We’ve rounded up the top three content themes from top-performing articles to help optimize your streaming content this year and always:

Streaming Service Recommendations and Promotions

Do the work for curious and cost-conscious cord-cutters by providing streaming services recommendations and guides to selecting a streaming service based on value, interests, content library and more. Plus, top-performing streaming articles in 2022 highlighted limited-time deals and free trials, with the greatest number of conversions taking place during the Q4 holiday season.

The Takeaway: Capitalize on the streaming wars by curating quality content to educate consumers on streaming services. Plus, feature limited-time offers to encourage readers to act quickly.

“How to Watch” Guides

In 2022, 70% of the Top 200 US streaming article page URLs contained “How to Watch.” Readers searched where to watch cultural events like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade or how to binge their favorite film and TV programs – from CODA to Yellowstone.

The Takeaway: Stay ahead by creating and optimizing streaming content around anticipated show premieres and movie releases, sporting events and cultural events.

Sports Streaming

From the NFL to professional boxing, articles on where to watch popular sporting events continue to dominate in terms of traffic and commission. According to Taboola’s Publisher Data, football was the top sports topic in 2022, with almost 30M page views across Taboola’s Network. Plus, as streaming services continue to increase their stakes in sports rights, adoption will only continue to grow.

The Takeaway: Lean into the strong appetite for sports streaming by focusing streaming content on key sporting events. Reference the Skimlinks 2023 Editorial Calendar for key dates.

Leverage the growing number of cord-cutters and maximize revenue opportunities by tailoring and optimizing commerce content around streaming service recommendations and promotions, anticipated television premieres and movie releases and sports programming.

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