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Three ways the Skimlinks AMP solution can benefit publishers

Posted 5 years ago by Alannah Trew

The Skimlinks AMP script is now installed across hundreds of publisher domains and we want to share with you some insights into how different publishers implement the script and increase the revenue they drive.

This post highlights three scenarios of how publishers have installed the Skimlinks AMP script:

  • Replacing a manual workaround with the automated Skimlinks AMP script
  • Running the Skimlinks AMP script alongside a manual workaround
  • Adding the Skimlinks AMP script to articles that were not being monetized

The Skimlinks AMP script is free for any publisher to install, you can find out more here.

Replacing a manual solution with the Skimlinks AMP script drove a revenue increase of 166%

A leading global lifestyle site replaced their manual AMP monetization solution with the Skimlinks AMP script and saw an immediate impact on their commerce content revenue.

They installed the script at the beginning of 2019, and straight away they started capturing more revenue from links their manual solution had been missing.  This lead to an incredible revenue increase of 166% from their commerce content on AMP articles in January.

Along with the increase in revenue, they have also saved time and reduced their workload by implementing an automated solution.

Ensuring all revenue opportunities were captured led to 10% incremental revenue growth

Some publishers have a manual solution in place to monetize their commerce content on AMP articles, however, as one nationwide newspaper group found, adding the Skimlinks AMP script alongside the manual solution has had a positive impact on revenue.

They installed the Skimlinks AMP script at the beginning of March, and within the first two weeks, they have captured 17,000 extra clicks and have seen an extra 10% in incremental revenue being generated.

This is all revenue that they would have missed out using only their manual AMP monetization solution. The Skimlinks AMP script, runs alongside any other content monetization solution a publisher has in place, to ensure all revenue opportunities are captured.

Monetizing more mobile traffic led to a 96% increase in commerce content revenue

Mobile traffic continues to grow for publishers, and as one well-known news publisher has found, monetizing more of their mobile traffic has delivered massive results.

This publisher started producing commerce content in late 2018, but did not have a solution in place to monetize their AMP articles.

They added the Skimlinks AMP script in February, and to date have seen a 96% increase in their overall commerce content revenue.

The Skimlinks AMP script, provided this publisher with an easy solution to monetize more of their content and drive a significant revenue increase for their business.

The Skimlinks AMP script is free for all publishers to use.  It’s easy to install and once publishers have it installed, there is nothing else for them to do. Commerce content links are automatically monetized on AMP articles, ensuring all revenue opportunities are captured.

Skimlinks publishers can access the AMP script in the Publisher Hub.

Not working with Skimlinks yet?  Sign up now to access the Skimlinks AMP script.

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