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Top Skimlinks support questions answered

Posted 9 years ago by Angus Quinn

Our Support Team answer requests across every channel you could think of.

But they get some requests and questions more than others, so we want to summarise the most common questions and answers here.

How exactly does Skimlinks work?

We help publishers earn commissions off the sales they inspire via the links their websites. They simply have to add links directly to the products, brands and services they write about. Then our technology turns them into affiliate links.

Skimlinks monetizes links in the content content when a reader clicks on them and makes a purchase as a direct result.

Publishers are in charge of where and how they incorporate links into their content.

Why has my total revenue changed?

A common reason is returns. When items are returned, merchants cancel sales and commissions.

Returns policies vary from merchant to merchant so sales may be cancelled and commissions reversed at different times. Items like flowers are unlikely to be returned, but in a category like travel where people book far in advance, cancellations are more likely.

Fluctuation in earning is common in our network. Some days are simply better than others. Publishers can use the report to understand performance over different time periods.

When will I get paid?

It typically takes 90 days for retailers to review, clear and pay networks commissions. We can only make payments where a retailer has approved them and paid the affiliate network we use to monetize the transaction.  

Publishers are also required to clear a monthly threshold of $65 / €55 / £50 to be paid.

More practically, it can relate to your payment details. Double check the details are all correct in the payments area of the Publisher Hub.

How can I check if I’ve installed Skimlinks Javascript code properly?

Add this link to your site, click on it and if you arrive on the success page you’re live!

If you arrive on an error page, check that you have placed the link as close to the </body> tag as possible, and if the problem persists check out our Installation guides for guidance on how to proceed.

Will Skimlinks overwrite my existing affiliate links?

No. We’ll only affiliate hyperlinks that don’t have any affiliate tags.

Please note that some links may still show as re-redirecting through Skimlinks (go.redirectingat) however this is only for tracking purposes.

I’m a Merchant. How do I get started?

Signup for an affiliate network (we partner with over 50), approve Skimlinks for your program and we can start working straight away. Find out how to do that here.

We hope you’ve found these answers to be helpful. It’s important to us that our users feel supported and that’s why we’re here to answer any questions that may arise. We’re always available to respond whether it be on social media or email and for more frequently asked questions, check out our comprehensive support section.

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