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Unleash the shopping frenzy with Click Frenzy: The Main Event

Posted 9 months ago by Angelique Parungao

Click Frenzy: The Main Event will take place from 24-26 October with discounts and special offers of up to 99%. 

This annual shopping extravaganza has taken the Australian retail scene by storm since its inception in 2012. Now in its 11th year, it shows no signs of slowing down. As more and more Australian shoppers look out for cheaper alternatives, sale events, such as Click Frenzy, will continue to drive online purchases. 


Website traffic surge

One of the most remarkable statistics associated with Click Frenzy is the phenomenal surge in website traffic. Retailers who participated in last year’s event experienced an incredible 70% increase in website traffic on the first day of the event. This surge is a testament to the event’s popularity and the excitement it generates among shoppers.

Last year, over 500 Australian retailers joined the Click Frenzy, offering over 4,000 deals and discounts across various categories, including fashion, tech, toys, home, and more. 


Early bird catches the clicks

Click Frenzy traffic 2020 vs 2022Compared to numbers during the pandemic, Click Frenzy has also continued to perform well in 2022:

  • 69%+ Clicks
  • 196%+ Pub Comm
  • 182%+ Order Value
  • 374%+ Sales

Click Frenzy doesn’t wait until the last minute to kick off the excitement. Articles and promotions are released as early as a month before the event, creating a buzz and anticipation among shoppers. 

This early release strategy helps build momentum and ensures a steady increase in website traffic as the event draws closer.


What’s trending during Click Frenzy 2022

Understanding what shoppers bought during Click Frenzy is essential. From last year, we saw these verticals dominate across the Skimlinks network:

Trending verticals during click frenzy 2022

  • Fashion and Accessories: With the change of weather, shoppers looked for deals on clothing to upgrade their wardrobe
  • Cosmetics: Brand-specific sales were popular in 2022
  • Home goods: Items such as vacuum cleaners, furniture, and smart appliances did well in this category
  • Skincare: Shoppers are on the lookout to grab deals on premium skincare products 
  • Technology: Laptops and speakers were among the best sellers last year


As for articles, we saw the following content themes performing best: 

Trending Article themes

  • Deal round-ups
  • Brand deals
  • Home and appliances
  • Beauty and skincare sales
  • Gaming and tech deals
  • Fashion promotions


Ensure success during Click Frenzy: The Main Event

If you’re a publisher looking to capitalise on Click Frenzy: The Main Event, here’s a handy checklist to ensure you make the most of this shopping frenzy:

Click Frenzy content checklist

  • Adhere to editorial best practices: Use every opportunity to promote Click Frenzy-related products and services with engaging content on your website. 
    • Incorporate affiliate links to merchants’ or product pages into your articles.
    • Include images of the product and a description.
    • Make sure to optimise your Click Frenzy content for search engines. Be sure to use relevant keywords.
    • Offer a variety of promotional offers, such as coupons, free shipping, hot products, and discounts.  
  • Repurpose your existing content: Remember to utilise your existing content to bring more traffic and revenue to your website. Identify existing articles that are continuously generating revenue. Optimise these articles by ensuring all product links and information are current.
    • Use the Evergreen Report to keep your articles relevant with products that drive revenue. 
    • Find your key revenue drivers with the Product Bought and Revenue Source reports, and prioritise PPP merchants for the highest commissions.
    • Discover new products for your commerce content by reviewing the trending items, categories, and verticals in the Trending Products Report.
  • Distribute content effectively: Diversify article placements and publish them on prime spots such as your homepage, listicles, dedicated stories, social posts, and newsletters. 
  • Create lasting partnerships with merchants: Work with brands you want and forge lasting partnerships with them this shopping season. 
  • Produce Timely Content: Timely content is a great way to drive serious revenue while positioning your title as a go-to source for current and upcoming trends. 
    • Identify emerging trends early with the Trending Products Report, which shows you popular products you’ve yet to feature.


Discover commerce content using Skimlinks

You can learn more about Click Frenzy – and other significant events around the region – by contacting your account manager.

Take advantage of the upcoming Q4 shopping opportunities and know strategies to boost your revenue during the most exciting months of the year. 

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