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Unlocking the Power of Singles’ Day: An Ultimate Guide for 2023

Posted 8 months ago by Naomi Kono

Singles’ Day has evolved into one of the most profitable international online shopping events. Despite speculation around potential declining sales volume in 2022, Alibaba’s 11.11 Global Shopping Festival featured 290,000 brands from 90+ countries in 7,000 categories, matching the previous year’s scale (Nasdaq). 

The 2021 festival brought in a staggering $75 billion in sales. Over 300 million viewers tuned into Taobao Live’s live streams during the presale period, highlighting its global reach. There is no denying that Singles’ Day has firmly established itself as the kickoff to the bustling annual online shopping season, commencing each November with a bang.

If you’re a publisher looking to maximize your earnings on Singles’ Day this year in those regions, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will cover strategies and trends for thriving on Singles’ Day 2023.

Skimlinks Traffic Trends

In the Skimlinks Network, 11.11 is a lucrative opportunity for publishers with continuous growth over the past few years. Publisher Commission, Order Value and Total Sales increased by +82%, +90%, +123% respectively over the past two years in Hong Kong and Taiwan. 


Demand starts earlier now. Last year traffic began rising on October 31, with substantial increases in Publisher commissions (+79%) and earnings-per-click (+89%).The earlier publishers have commerce articles ready, the earlier they can start to take advantage of Singles’ Day demand. 

Traffic trends in 2022 & 2021 for Hong Kong and Taiwan

What shoppers bought during Singles’ Day and Top-Performing Merchants

A wide range of product categories are popular among shoppers; Travel, Luxury Fashion & Accessories, Beauty & Health, Sports Apparel, Technology. Below are  examples of top-performing merchants for each category and average commission rate. Use the following information as a baseline to make commerce content decisions.

Retailer Singles' Day Strategy

How publishers features merchants and products

There’s a reason why top performing commerce content is top performing during the shopping season. The following section will explain how top performing articles are edited and what publishers and merchants can learn from them.

11.11 Cosmopolitan screenshot

[Double 11 Shopping Festival] The complete guide to overseas boutique websites! 

This article serves as a comprehensive guide for Taiwan’s avid shoppers, featuring a captivating title and a curated list of overseas online boutiques for effortless high-end brand shopping.

What is covered:

  • Multiple merchants (Shopbop/ Farfetch/ Net-A-Porter/ HBX/ Mytheresa/ 24S/ REVOLVE/ YOOX/ LUISAVIAROMA) 
  • Campaign conditions
  • Coupon code
  • CTA Button
  • Product image

11.11 Cosmopolitan

11.11 Hardwarezone

11.11 Sale: Best Deals on Laptops; including offers from Microsoft Surface, ASUS & HP

Customers capitalize on shopping events like 11.11 to get discounts on high ticket items like laptops. 

This article serves as a great example for individuals seeking expert insights on the newest laptops, ensuring a seamless, one-click purchase experience.

What is covered:

  • Linking to past article
    • Improve SEO
    • Help readers make a better purchase decisions and let publishers expand beyond what they can offer in a deals roundup
  • Using CTA Button is effective to drive conversions

Hardware zone - 2

Merchants featured:

  • Microsoft
  • Lazada (ASUS)
  • Shopee (HP)

Your Singles’ Day CheckList

With Singles’ Day just around the corner, Skimlinks is here to ensure you are ready to maximize all revenue opportunities.

4 checklist for publishers for Singles' Day

Among all, The Trending Product Report is the strong tool which enables you to see which products that you’ve not featured are trending across the Skimlinks network on major shopping days to help you create reactive, relevant content. It can drill down by country, merchant categories or specific merchants. It can also view trending products based on the clicks or sales. Keyword search functionality also gives you the opportunity to brainstorm your article titles with recommended merchants to be featured.

Trending Product Report

To gather further information on Singles’ Day, as well as other noteworthy events in the region, please reach out to your account manager.

Make the most of the forthcoming Q4 shopping prospects and acquire tactics to enhance your income during the most thrilling months of the year.

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