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What’s new at Skimlinks? Q1 2023

Posted 1 year ago by Samantha Tamakloe-Bonaca

Welcome back to the Skimlinks quarterly round-up! 

We’re here to get you up-to-date on everything new and trending across the Skimlinks network. From product spotlights and merchants to our upcoming webinar series, here’s the latest at Skimlinks in Q1.


Product Spotlight

This quarter we’re sharing how you can look back at your own Q1 performance using our Product Bought Report.

Available directly in the hub or via API (documentation here, this report is key in helping you optimize your commerce content strategy by understanding what happens once a user clicks on one of your affiliate links.

Wondering which products or merchants drive the most revenue for you? Updated daily, the Product Bought Report shows detailed information about the product your audience has bought (even if it’s different from the one featured in your content) with the following data:

  • Product name
  • Merchant
  • SKU (a unique identifier number specific to the merchant’s website that allows someone to look up a specific product on the merchant’s site)
  • Quantity
  • Total order value
  • Revenue earned

You can also use the Product Bought Report to identify which products and merchants were popular in Q2 2022 among your audience to help you optimize your commerce content strategy for Q2 2023 and onwards.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2023? Our localized editorial calendars will help you plan your commerce content for the next quarter and more. They’re available here for the US, UK, Australia & New Zealand, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan

A glimpse behind the scenes

Our teams are committed to freeing you of technical complexities so you can focus on your commerce content strategy.  Providing a seamless and consistent experience in the hub requires a bit of work in the background.

Can you guess how many releases, updates, and enhancements we made to the platform in Q1 without disturbing you? More than 200! Q1 really kept our team busy!

Network quality has always been a cornerstone of our strong relationships with our network of 48,500 merchants. As part of our ongoing effort, we have been leveraging the capabilities of Brandverity to surface any misuse of Skimlinks affiliate links while brand bidding on merchant terms, stopping them in their tracks as soon as they’re detected.

Look who’s new to Skimlinks!

Featuring a variety of merchants is a great way to drive more revenue. With 48,500 merchants available, the options are endless! Remember, you can always use the Merchant Search feature in the Publisher Hub to help you. You can filter by merchant category, merchant type (e.g., BIPOC, Female-founded), country, rate type, and program type.

This quarter, we welcomed over 2,600 retailers across a variety of categories – fashion & accessories, drugstore & pharmacy, home, and more, including:

What’s been trending across Skimlinks?

Our top tip for driving sales and earning more commission is to always stay on top of what trends or products consumers are interested in. 

With Lunar New Year, International Women’s Day, and Sleep Awareness Week taking place in Q1, trending products included international travel & staycation offers, bedding, and beauty & personal care.

Here are a few examples from our Trending Products Report:

APAC Webinar Series 2023

This year, we launched our very first APAC webinar series.

For our first session, ‘Breaking into Taiwan’s online scene with the Skimlinks Editorial Network’ we covered an in-depth analysis of Taiwan’s market landscape and opportunities and how merchants can optimize their affiliate programs. 

If you’re interested in signing up for the Q2 webinar in our APAC series, keep an eye out for an announcement on our socials.

See you in Q2!

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