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What’s new at Skimlinks? Q2 2022

Posted 2 years ago by Alannah Trew

Welcome to your dive into everything new at Skimlinks during Q2.

In this blog post, you’ll find a round-up of our latest feature releases, newest merchants, and trending products, as well as our top tips for Q3 – it’s a Publisher’s one-stop-shop for the latest tools to help make the next quarter a success.


Platform Releases & Improvements
Look Who’s Joined Skimlinks!
What’s Been Trending Across Skimlinks?
Top Tips for Q3

Platform Releases & Improvements

We’re always working on new features to enhance and inspire Publishers’ commerce content.

Take a look at what we’ve released this quarter (and keep an eye out for more new things coming soon!).

Timezone Reporting

You can now customize the Publisher Hub to your local time zone.

The time zone can be changed on all core Performance Reports – that’s the date, merchant, page, link, site, device, and country reports – plus the Product Bought Report and Revenue Source Report, so Publishers always have access to the most accurate reporting.

The functionality will also be coming to the beta reports soon.

Log-in to the Publisher Hub to change your time zone settings now in ‘Account Details’ or on any of the reports. Time zones will remain in UTC unless you select otherwise.

Have you heard? The Product Bought Report is now available as an API!

Providing all the same data as the Product Bought Report in the Publisher Hub, the API allows Publishers to pull Product Bought data into their own systems, enhancing their data and streamlining reporting.

The data helps Publishers learn more about what their readers are buying and spot product trends – so they can create commerce content that generates more revenue.

Ready to learn more and set up the API? Take a look at the documentation.

Newsflash: 3,300+ new merchants added in Q2!

Including a variety merchants is a great way for Publishers to inspire their audience and see which stores drive the most sales.

With Skimlinks, Publishers can easily discover new merchants to feature in their commerce content via our Merchant Search tool in the Publisher Hub. You can drill down by category, country, rate type, and program type to find merchants that match your criteria.

We welcome new merchants to the Skimlinks platform every single day. Here are some of the more than 3,300 merchants who have joined us in the last few months:

What’s Been Trending Across Skimlinks?

Online shopping trends change fast, and staying on top of what consumers are interested in is important for driving more sales.

Skimlinks gives Publishers real-time insight into what consumers are buying, as well as inspiration for future commerce content. Updated hourly, the Trending Products Report shows products trending across the Skimlinks network.

Wondering what consumers have been buying recently? Here are some of the global trending products in Q2:

Top Tips for Q3

So that’s another busy quarter down! Q3 is a great time to take stock of your content’s performance this year and start preparing for a busy Q4. We’ve pulled together our three top tips for what you can do in Q3 to get ahead.

Install the JavaScript

The Skimlinks JavaScript automatically affiliates your website links, making it easy to drive revenue from your commerce content. And, as well as new content, the JavaScript will automatically monetizes your existing content too – so you can start earning commission right away.

Once installed, you can also track clicks on your links and see which content drives the most traffic and revenue, helping inform your content strategy.

Install the JavaScript >>

Download the Editor Toolbar

The Editor Toolbar is a Chrome Extension that simplifies your workflow by showing commission rates and details while you’re on a merchant’s website.

Designed to be used alongside the JavaScript, which monetizes your website links, you can also use the Toolbar to generate affiliate links you can use elsewhere – in social media posts, in newsletters, and even in print.

Download the Editor Toolbar >>

Start reviewing Black Friday and Singles’ Day content now

Q3 is the perfect time to get ahead on Black Friday and Singles’ Day preparation.

Use this time to review last year’s content, paying attention to which content and pages drove the most traffic and sales and which merchants resonated the most with your audience. See which articles performed best in 2021, then make updates so it’s relevant for this year.

TIP! It’s not always a good idea to write a whole new article. Instead, just make any necessary changes to an existing high-performing article – it’s better for SEO.

And that’s a wrap

That’s all for Q2! We hope it was a successful quarter for you and you’re ready to sail into Q3 with all the tools you need to keep creating high-converting commerce content.

Not yet using Skimlinks to support your commerce content strategy? Sign up for an account now.

New Feature Alert: Reporting now available in your local time zone

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