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Why you should be writing commerce content about Mother’s Day this year

Posted 6 years ago by Skimlinks

If there’s one holiday you should never forget about it’s Mother’s Day.

That maxim is true whether we’re talking about getting a gift for your own dear old Mom, thinking about creating some commerce content, or sussing out best to drive sales during the period.

Caught between Valentine’s Day and Easter, Mother’s Day has a shorter window of opportunity, but is one worth grabbing. In the UK shoppers spent £900m last year on the holiday and in the US the National Retail Federation estimates almost $27 billion was spent in 2017.

From our own network we can see it’s a growth opportunity. Some publishers – but not all – are writing about commerce content. Intriguingly, where typically around ecommerce events, we see dedicated commerce sites – who solely focus on writing product-focused content – are not the primary beneficiaries of Mother’s Day traffic. In fact they don’t feature at all: instead it’s news sites and parenting-focused sites that perform best.

In more predictable news, it turns out flowers are the top performing product category of the period, but the others that feature might surprise you. And chocolate? The classic uninspired Mother’s Day gift option? It doesn’t feature at all!

We’ve put insights like those above and some killer best practices into our brand new Mother’s Day Insights Report which you can access here.

With it we’re confident you’ll be well equipped to seize the ecommerce opportunity and make the most of Mother’s Day.

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