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Yahoo Hong Kong 666 Shopping Event

Posted 1 year ago by Naomi Kono

We’re excited to announce that Skimlinks is teaming up with Yahoo Hong Kong as the official commerce content partner for their first annual signature event, 666 Shopping Event, happening from June 1-6 this year!

We’re calling all merchants who are keen to tap into the Hong Kong market to join this shopping extravaganza. Merchants can showcase their brands, boost brand awareness, and attract potential new customers in Hong Kong. Additionally, Yahoo and Skimlinks offer a variety of customizable packages to suit merchants’ business needs. The packages include brand-specific retailer pages, guaranteed content, and Electronic Direct Mail tailored to merchants’ requirements. We are committed to creating a successful event that benefits all participating merchants by leveraging our marketing and advertising efforts to drive traffic to their websites.

Why is Hong Kong such an attractive destination for international brands?

Cross-border online shopping is popular in Hong Kong. As of December 2021, an overwhelming 77% of online shoppers have made purchases from international websites. Due to Hong Kong’s limited domestic manufacturing capacity, consumers are turning to international retailers for a wide range of products, including clothing, cosmetics, electronics, and even groceries. Technological advancements, such as fast internet speeds and the widespread adoption of digital wallets, have also facilitated this trend. With many revenue opportunities, Hong Kong is the market where all the international brands and merchants are headed.  A recent survey also shows that consumer confidence in the luxury market in Hong Kong has rebounded.  Nearly half of the Hong Kong respondents answered that they were going to spend more on luxury goods in the coming year.

What are the benefits for merchants who participate in this shopping extravaganza?

This is a great opportunity for international merchants and brands that want to tap into the Hong Kong market for the first time. Locally, Yahoo Hong Kong is one of the dominant internet portals. It reaches 87% of the internet population in Hong Kong with 5.3 million monthly users and 418 million page views per month. A well-balanced demographic ratio (51% female and 49% male) can be attractive for all types of brands and merchants. Yahoo Hong Kong started its affiliate commerce business in 2020. It has been leveraging its mass audience, strong reach, broad content coverage, and editorial expertise. If you want to know more about how Yahoo Hong Kong scaled affiliate content into a key revenue stream, please check the case study.

Yahoo Hong Kong will promote this event with strong exposure on its distribution channels from May, one month ahead of the event. Hence, merchants can enjoy exposure four times higher than usual during the six-day shopping week, specifically during peak traffic hours. Distribution channels include Shopping Week Hub, mainpage prime spot featuring, Yahoo App, Yahoo Search, Electronic Direct Mail and Facebook Pages. For detail, please refer to the Media Kit.

Moreover, Skimlinks Account management team is committed to providing the best support every step of the way. They will guides merchants through the application process to arranging flat fee offers tailored to their preferences.

How to participate in the event as a merchant?

Please either reach out to your dedicated Skimlinks Account Manager or fill out an application form. Once we receive your submission, we will reach out to you. 

We look forward to your participation!

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