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News UK: Driving growth through strategic partnership since 2017

News UK has been working with Skimlinks since 2017 across our portfolio of publications. The partnership was first established with the goal of simply monetising content effectively and efficiently. As News UK and Skimlinks have grown, it has matured into a partnership that not only drives revenue but also drives innovation through collaboration and a mutual excitement of the everchanging affiliate landscape. The partnership has been a resounding success with key outcomes being not only revenue but the strengthening of our relationships with key advertisers across the Skimlinks network, cementing News UK as a media company that is known and respected within the affiliate marketing industry. We are particularly grateful for Skimlink's insightful feedback, proactivity in resolving challenges and dynamic approach to the publisher-advertiser relationship. We look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership and evolving as the industry does.

Ben Walmsley, Managing Director, The Sun

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