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Simba Sleep: Expansion and scale on a global level

We’re delighted that we got the chance to sit down with Estelle Dugué Sullivan, Partnerships Lead at Simba Sleep to talk through their affiliate marketing strategy and commerce content partnership with Skimlinks.

In Q1 2024, they experienced excellent year-on-year uplifts (+43% Sales, +33% Order Value) so it was great to dive into how this was possible.

Could you tell us a bit of background about you and your role at Simba Sleep?

I’m Estelle, and I’ve been leading partnerships at Simba Sleep for the past three years. Before that, I spent six years in the affiliate industry.

Where does affiliate marketing fit into your ecommerce strategy?

Affiliate marketing is a cornerstone of our ecommerce strategy, serving as a vital tool that broadens our reach and strengthens customer relationships. Its value is particularly evident in its ability to boost our brand’s visibility. It helps us share our brand’s narrative, values, and products with a larger audience, thereby connecting us with potential customers who might not have found us otherwise. It’s a smooth, integrated approach that ties together our strategy and brand identity.

How has your affiliate strategy evolved in recent years?

Our affiliate strategy has seen significant evolution in recent years. We’ve been focusing on fostering closer relationships with trusted websites that not only understand our industry but also align with our brand values. We prioritize partnerships that can offer comprehensive coverage about our brand and expertise. This approach has allowed us to create a more synergistic and effective affiliate strategy.

Mattresses are a really popular category for publishers writing commerce content. Given competition here, what do you think is the best way for publishers to work with you? 

 The most effective way for content publishers to collaborate with us is by experiencing our products firsthand and being open to testing. This approach allows us to understand what strategies are effective and what aren’t. Additionally, maintaining open communication about updates from both sides ensures we’re always on the same page. This collaborative approach helps us build a strong and mutually beneficial partnership.

How does Simba Sleep work with Skimlinks? 

Skimlinks helps us in collaborating with renowned content partners that align with our audience. Skimlinks shows and then helps us to expand with these publishers.

How has Skimlinks helped Simba Sleep since the partnership started?

Building strong relationships with publishers with the help of Skimlinks has brought great value to the program. The partnerships have helped expand our network with access to a wider audience, leading to increased visibility and growth.These collaborations have resulted in improved performance of our program, contributing to our overall objectives.

You’ve been able to build great relationships with publishers through Skimlinks, what value has that brought? 

We’ve taken great value from understanding the operational differences between editorial content partners and others types of publishers. Insight into strategies from other brands we can mimic has been useful, as have suggestions for additional partners we can work with and the access to lesser known partners who are relevant for our audience too.  

The E-commerce landscape and consumer behavior have changed post pandemic, how do you see this will evolve and affect your business? Are there any trends you are excited about this year?

Now, more than ever, people are recognising the importance of sleep and the necessity of a quality mattress. The bedroom is one area of the household that truly deserves attention. Ensuring that our customers achieve a restful sleep with their Simba mattress is our top priority! As awareness grows and more people understand the benefits of a good mattress, we anticipate this trend to continue in a positive direction. As sleep experts, we are committed to ensuring our products provide the best sleep experience possible. Looking ahead to 2024, I am personally excited to see how advancements in AI will shape the sleep industry and influence the E-commerce landscape.

What are your plans for 2024? Are there specific events you’re focusing on?

Our vision for 2024 is to continue our company’s growth while maintaining our core brand values. In terms of the affiliate program, we are not only eager to expand our existing significant partnerships but also open to experimenting with new strategies and collaborating with new partners to enhance the program.

Any advice for publishers who would like to work with you?

The advice would be to cultivate an interest in the sleep industry and familiarise themselves with our products. Additionally, we welcome suggestions on how to best optimise our performance and are open to experimenting with new optimisations that align with our brand. We are looking for a partner who is enthusiastic about growth and is willing to embark on a long-term journey with us.

What do you love most about Skimlinks?

We love the global reach Skimlinks can offer and they are a trusted partner of ours. When we think about our affiliate program, they’re a real time saver and have helped us build relationships with renowned publishers around the world.

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