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Dazzle this Diwali: Your ultimate guide to maximising revenue this festive season

Posted 8 months ago by Angelique Parungao


Diwali, the Festival of Lights, is a time for celebrations and an excellent commerce opportunity for publishers in India. During the festive season, publishers can benefit from higher consumer spending.

Let’s dive into insights and strategies to help you make the most of this auspicious season and shine as bright as the Diwali diyas.


How Much Do Indians Spend During Diwali?

Also known as Deepavali, it is a time when Indians open their wallets generously. In fact, a whopping 70% of Indians are ready to spend more this Diwali — that’s 35% more than last year. With a planned budget ranging from ₹25,000 to ₹50,000 towards festive purchases, Diwali is a prime time for consumer spending.


How Are Indians Shopping During the Festive Season?

With Indian e-commerce seeing critical advancements in the past few years, we can be sure that the digital shopping shift is undeniable. This year, 44% of shoppers plan to buy online exclusively, making it crucial for publishers to tap into this digital shopping trend. What’s more, 84% reported an increase in their online shopping budgets.

This surge in online shopping presents a golden opportunity for publishers to capitalise on the festive spirit.

Mobile commerce is also playing a crucial role this year, with 78% of consumers planning to shop on their smartphones.

Quality matters, too, as 95% of Indian consumers consider product quality the most significant factor when buying online. Furthermore, 81% of shoppers in India spend more time online searching for the best offers and value before purchasing, while 90% of consumers consider free shipping, and 89% look for discounts and coupons.


Diwali Traffic Trends

Diwali performance trends

Across the Skimlinks network, we’ve observed remarkable sales growth of over 47% leading up to the event compared to 2021. 

Another interesting trend is that 1 in 3 shoppers are eager to start their Diwali shopping as early as September, two months before the festival. Shopping searches tend to peak 1-3 weeks before this festival. Being prepared early can significantly boost your revenue.


What Are Shoppers Buying During Diwali?

Popular Diwali Verticals

Trending verticals across the Skimlinks Network offer valuable insights into what products are in demand during this time. Understanding these trends can help you curate your content and drive more affiliate sales.


What Are Shoppers Reading During Diwali?

Focus on content themes that perform exceptionally well during Diwali to maximise your revenue. According to Taboola, articles related to sales during the festive season witnessed a staggering 202% readership rise. Be sure to include these themes in your content strategy.

Diwali Articles


Getting Ready for Diwali in Q4: Your Ultimate Checklist

With Diwali just around the corner, we’re here to ensure you’re ready to maximise all revenue opportunities. 

Here’s your Diwali checklist to help you make the most of the festival:

Observe Editorial Best Practices:

  • Include multiple affiliate links linking to merchant pages or product pages.
  • Describe and include images of the products.
  • Make your Diwali content search engine-friendly by adding relevant keywords related to Diwali, gifts, and decorations.
  • Diversify featured promotions, including coupons, free shipping, hot products, and discounts.

Utilise Existing Content:

  • Use the Evergreen Report to identify articles that consistently drive revenue – and update them with relevant products. 
  • Use the Product Bought Report and Revenue Source Report to find your key revenue drivers and prioritise PPP merchants for the highest commissions.
  • Use the trending items, categories and verticals listed in the Trending Products Report to find new products to include in your commerce content.

Optimise Content Distribution:

  • Diversify your article placements by publishing them on prime spots like your homepage, listicles, dedicated stories, social posts, and newsletters.

Cultivate Merchant Relationships:

  • Prioritise a list of merchants to negotiate increased commission rates with.
  • Work with Skimlinks to secure exclusive promotions from desired merchants.
  • Create sponsored content packages for merchants to purchase.

Create Timely Content:

  • Use the Trending Products Report to spot emerging trends early by featuring popular products you haven’t highlighted before.


Unlock Bright Opportunities This Diwali Season with Skimlinks

Don’t miss out on the incredible revenue potential this Diwali season. Speak to your dedicated account manager at Skimlinks, and let’s illuminate your path to success.

With our insights and strategies, you can truly dazzle this Diwali and make it a season to remember for your publication.

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