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Skimlinks' culture and career opportunities

Skimlinks’ culture and career opportunities

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Skimlinks is part of Connexity, a Taboola company

We aim for excellence and do not settle with “ok”: Tech releases code they are proud of and find the right balance between short term momentum and long term ambition. Commercial pitches big ideas but never overpromise. We deliver real value to internet users, merchants and publishers and care about our users’ experience: We bring to market products that we can be proud of and would use ourselves and we refuse to build our success on something that we would consider to be a nuisance.

We are keen to learn and are comfortable not having all the answers: From the senior management down, we are happy to acknowledge that we do not know and to engage in a process of rigorous learning with each other. Our legitimacy doesn’t come from knowing everything, but from knowing how to ask the right question. We are open to giving and receiving benevolent feedback often: We give Radically Candid feedback to each other daily and make of point of learning from each feedback we receive and to help others grow with our own feedback.

We aim at moving the needle with everything we do, whether Business As Usual or new: We care about outcome not output and only work on projects that we know will impact our strategic goals meaningfully, whether it is directly or indirectly, now or later. We deliver on what we control and do not make excuses: When tackling an issue, we always think first about what we can do to make things better and do not take other teams’ constraints as a reason not to act.

We recognize people for their success and give them place to grow: We celebrate individual successes and reward people for their achievements. We grow people internally rather than look outside of Skimlinks. We give to path for every one of us. We are vocal about our differences and encourage vigorous debate of ideas: We zero down on the points of differences, encourage people to disagree and do not create fake consensus. We never leave a room disagreeing in silence. The final outcome is the best idea, not the quickest or the loudest.

Our employees work hard and we reward that. We offer benefits that provide peace of mind, help you plan for the future and recognise your contribution to the business.

  • Bonus plan
  • Individual training budgets & dedicated learning time
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Paid family leave plans & childcare vouchers
  • Paid healthcare insurance & cash plans
  • Payroll giving
  • Length of service awards & sabbaticals
  • Share options
  • Sports & social events
  • 25 days annual leave plus public holidays
  • Retirement fund contributions & life assurance plans
  • And so much more…

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