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iHerb delve into their affiliate marketing strategy with Skimlinks

iHerb is one of the largest U.S.-based e-commerce companies in the world. They believe that living your healthiest, best life should be easy. Leading the industry in the world of wellness since 1996, iHerb makes it quick and simple for people all over the globe to shop the finest natural products at the very best prices from multi-vitamins to clean makeup. With over 30,000+ products shipped to over 180 countries and territories, they’re proud to provide the very best overall value in health and wellness. Skimlinks sat down with them to talk about their affiliate marketing strategy.

How do you approach affiliate marketing? How long have you had an affiliate program?

We started our affiliate program back in 2018 as a way to engage our coupon and loyalty partners.

Since then, our approach to affiliate marketing has evolved and is heavily influenced by where in the funnel the partner plays a role or the potential growth in new traffic they can bring. Our commission rates are optimized with that in mind.

With key partners, we engage closely with them to ensure they have all necessary offers ahead of launch and are up to date on our latest products and brand. We’re constantly testing, learning, and optimizing to create a successful campaign.

Growing our content partnerships has been a recent focus not just on brand awareness in different regions but also highlighting our breadth and selection of growing house brand products.

You’ve seen success with tenancy agreements. Tell me a bit about tenancy agreements and how iHerb uses them with publishers.

With our tenancy agreements, it has significantly expanded our content partnerships in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, Australia, and Russia that would otherwise have been difficult to connect with.

The way we approach these tenancy agreements is to either create custom content or be included in listicles to support internal initiatives such as product awareness, new brand highlights, or increasing sales of a specific brand/product.

What results have you seen from the tenancies and from working with Skimlinks in particular?

Working with Skimlinks and having a dedicated account manager increased our content placements and contributed to 22% of our content revenue during the course of the partnership while expanding our partnerships across multiple regions including the US, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Russia, the UK, and Australia.

What are your plans for 2022?

Our 2022 plans are to continue growing the business through our offers, leveraging our content partners to help increase both brand awareness and the breadth and selection of products iHerb carries.

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