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Check Which Links Are Broken Across All Your Domains

Did you know that up to 10% of commerce content links are broken at any given time? This is not great for Publishers revenue and it’s a poor experience for readers who have engaged with a great piece of commerce content.

The Broken Links Report is designed to show you the links that have been broken across Publisher domains and the number of clicks they have generated.  For Publishers that have Dynamic Link Optimization enabled, Skimlinks will automatically optimize a large percentage of those broken links.

The Broken Links Report shows:

  • The overall number of clicks on broken links
  • The overall number of clicks on Out of Stock links
  • The overall number of clicks on 404 links
  • The overall number of clicks on Inactive Merchant links
  • What pages have broken links
  • The last time a link was broken

Publishers can use the report to:

  • Check that all links are active on top performing pages
  • Check if the broken link has been fixed by the merchant since the last broken link click

Start using the Broken Links Report now, and check the Link Optimization Report which provides insights into the number of optimized clicks and incremental revenue generated from any 404, Out of Stock, or Inactive Merchant Links on your domains where you have Dynamic Link Optimization enabled.

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